By Kutira and Raphael

There is a lot of interest currently in Tantra. People are looking for what is missing in their relationships, in their life, and have a feeling that all is not what it could be. The orientation of our culture is to look for how to get more and better. A better body, better sex, more money, more power. Tantra is not about more or better. It is about deeper. Going deeper into yourself and increasing your capacity to go deeper into others.

For 5000 years, Taoist masters have created simple and powerful techniques for prolonging a healthy and fulfilling life. When these techniques are empowered in the heart they become miraculous, enabling the channeling of sexual energy upward through the body, revitalizing the body and reconnecting us with the sacred. When these techniques are practiced and used to open and empower the heart we discover passion and power, ecstasy and creativity, and the key to eternal love.

In Tantra what we are talking about is sexual love towards God. Understand that sexual energy and life energy are one and the same. The same energy that a karate expert uses to break through bricks is the same energy that you experience in a sexual orgasm.

For most of us, this energy goes down and out. Women have babies, and menstrual cycles, men ejaculate. That is energy going out. And we get tired and old. Now what happens, when we bring this energy up the spine, it rejuvenates the body, it brings sexual energy into the heart where it is experienced as prayer, and sexual energy into the mind where it is experienced as visions and revelations, and brings the energy even higher, to that place where you and I are the same being. Have you ever noticed that an orgasm is more than physical, it’s spiritual? Everything leading to the orgasm is very physical but the orgasm itself…..I mean forget logic and reason and time-space reality, that all goes down the drain and have you ever noticed that when you have an orgasm you feel very light and yet very strong at the same time? It’s a very real and powerful energy. Now what happens when a woman has a thirty minute orgasm or a man becomes multi orgasmic?

The Tantric path is more than techniques. It is a way of opening yourself to the creative energy of the universe, un-concealing the Tantric self within each of us. It is a joyful surrender to unconditional love. So unconditional that you embrace all parts of your self, you openly accept the truth of your being and express it. Letting go of judgments about yourself and others. Letting go of fears and having the courage to communicate freely your truth at any moment. Unconditional love. Empowering yourself. Empowering others. Freedom of oneself.
Then things happen. Especially in regard to rejuvenating the spirit and the body. So welcome to the world of Tantra.

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