Living in the Intersection of Worlds

by Anyaa McAndrew  January 18, 2021
This article was partially posted in my January 2021 Newsletter

Now it is late June 2022, and by gosh all of this is even truer today than it was 18 months ago. One of my favorite quotes is: The difference between a “conspiracy theory” and the truth is about 6 months!

Hang in there Awake Ones. Things are not getting worse, they are getting uncovered, so that we can all SEE the truth.

What a time to be alive! Are you taking good care of yourself, celebrating your aliveness, and staying in a high vibe? Or are you getting caught up in the mainstream narrative and believing that all is lost, or, that we have been saved? Are you feeling frustrated or impatient because nothing seems to be changing fast enough, or, relieved that you can now go back to sleep because all is well in the world again? There’s a perspective that those of us who see things differently can pass onto you.

There are two timelines happening for humanity right now. Imagine two circles. One is the new world that we are moving into for the next several years. This was heralded by the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at the Winter Solstice, and the successful opening of Uluru Rock by the Australian elders, which was a sign that there were enough awakened humans on the earth to support a Global Shift. Some even witnessed a blue glow above the rock at the appointed time. The promise of this world is a golden age, freedom and sovereignty, peace between nations (no more war), a prosperity economy where the playing field is leveled for all of us, new technologies available to support healing at all levels, free energy, and the overall upliftment and support of humanity. This reality is being birthed now but will take years to fully come online. We need as many humans to awaken to the old-world false matrix as quickly as possible so that we can fully say good-bye to it once and for all. This new world is about promoting life. Nothing else will be tolerated.

The second circle is this old reality that has ramped up over the past year. This is the now-familiar matrix where domination, control, and enslavement of the masses exists, most recently including a manufactured virus, lockdowns, masks (the etymology of the word “person” is mask), the CPR test, the RNA vaccine, child trafficking, satanic ritual abuse, organ harvesting, the normalization of pedophilia, genetic manipulation, the many eugenics programs to reduce world population. This reality has been run by corrupt bureaucracies, top-down governments in the USA, and countless other countries of the world. This has been funded by elite families, that have been pulling the wool over the eyes of people of the world for thousands upon thousands of years. This has been a way of life for all of us, although there are many hidden realities and secret horrors that are now being revealed daily. If you are a movie lover, you may recall movies like The Matrix, Star Wars, The Truman Show, the Harry Potter series, and many other dramas, too many to mention, that have been revealing these realities to us for years. This world has been against life, even if we have not perceived it directly, we have seen it in personal ways in the treatment of children and animals, the poisons in our food systems, our deplorable health systems, Big Pharma, etc.

For much of 2020, these two circles were directly opposing each other, forming a duality that has created much chaos and conflict in families, among friends, and in communities. Because there has been so much misinformation put forth by The Powers That Should Not Be, we have been kept separated and mislead, leading to violent movements that have targeted the poorest of US neighborhoods. Our trusty media has become untrustworthy, resulting in a huge increase in citizen journalism and an explosion of alternative media. There are pros and cons to this movement, but overall it has helped all of us to “question reality” and wake up from our comfortable collective slumber.

These two worlds have now converged, creating a “Vesica Pisces,” which forms the intersection of 2 overlapping circles. Those of us who are holding space for the new earth, but can also see the old earth, are standing in the intersection and watching the show as it is happening all around us. We have hope and faith, but we are often projected upon as “conspiracy theorists” and worse, by those that see us as disillusioned and dangerous. Because these two worlds represent the duality that exists as 3-D reality, and we are eventually moving into a higher 5-D reality, we don’t just magically shift from one to the other. It is imperative that to have the Global Shift we all want, these two realities must integrate to a certain extent so that there is a bridge from one world to the other. It’s been said that if you do not know where you came from, how can you know where you are going? We must see the unseen realities that have shaped and programmed us for eons of time, called the false matrix. Maybe you are one, like me, who has eyes to see in both directions, and you know that you can stand nowhere else but in the center. This is the neutral zone, or ground zero, engaging neither extreme, but knowing that in some way you are called to lend a hand when the time is right, to help those cross the bridge who are ready to come into the new earth reality.

I will end with words I wrote in a July 2020 newsletter blog:
This Is The Time We Incarnated For.

Some of us are meant to speak about the atrocities, some are meant to be on the front lines as warriors to rescue the children, some are called to stand guard as psychic protectors, and some are called to support the warriors and protectors. Some are meant to be healers for those who have been wounded, some are meant to wage peace in the streets and in the trenches. Some are meant to teach about what it means to unify, join together, and co-create New Earth. Some are called to be the engineers and builders of a new world. Some are meant to simply bring more love and understanding to their families, and extended families, others to rescue and protect the animals and the natural world, to plant gardens, and get healthier.

We are all meant to love ourselves into wholeness without self-judgment and to stop fighting within ourselves and with each other, marginalizing each other, and polarizing with each other. Humanity has suffered long enough. We all have the capacity to project out to the edges of the multiverse our honoring of the sacredness of life, unity, freedom, and truth, whether through direct strategic action, powerful embodiment, or more subtle beingness.