Products & How you can assist Full Moon Sanctuary with Purchases & Donations

Full Moon Sanctuary is a non-denominational church. All income goes to Full Moon Sanctuary.

There are several ways you can help! We are holistically-oriented: body, mind, emotions, and spirit. 

Let’s nurture them all!                                    

  1. When you shop at, choose this link which donates .05% to our organization
  2. Join Thrive Market for amazing healthy food prices and get 25% off your first order, we get $25:
  3. If you have been to our home and Half Moon Temple, you have tasted the best water in the world, and know about our awesome water alkalizer! You can shop for your own unit here, and there are prices to suit all budgets:                  
  4. If you would like to know about an amazing cell-communication-enhancing product and facial gel that Anyaa has been using for the past 8 years and would never be without, check out ASEA here:

Thank you for caring about the Full Moon Sanctuary Ministry!