About Anyaa & Full Moon Sanctuary: My Online Brochure

After many years of facilitating groups, workshops, circles, and a private practice, I am happy to explore with you what might be right and perfect for your needs and to co-create a healing plan or spiritual work that is in alignment with your soul’s greater purpose.

Feel free to email or call me for more information, or to schedule a no-charge 30-minute Discovery Session. 828-788-0773

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Anyaa McAndrew, M.A., L.P.C., N.C.C. Full Moon Sanctuary Western NC  828-788-0773 AnyaaMcAndrew@gmail.com


Anyaa is a licensed, master’s level psychotherapist, Master certified in Shamanic Astrology™, EMDR, and trained in Imago Couples Therapy. She is a sacred sexuality guide, healer and educator, Flower and Gem Essence Practitioner, and an ordained priestess~minister. Anyaa has been in the field of counseling and psychotherapy since 1976, and has worked with a variety of populations including teens, women, couples, and the mentally ill, with a specialization in trauma work, early sexual abuse healing, and women’s empowerment.  All donations for services go through Full Moon Sanctuary, a not-for-profit, non-denominational church.
Personal & Couples Intensives

Choose from a menu of services listed in this brochure to create your own personal retreat, or, if you are a student of Shamanic Astrology, come and do a private intensive with a focus on learning Shamanic Astrology at any level. Go here to learn more about personal and couples intensives.

The Shamanic Priestess Process™

The Shamanic Priestess Process is an Initiatory empowerment process for awakening the shamanic priestess within, and aligning each woman with the sacred mysteries of LIFE FORCE ENERGY. In these times of the end of Patriarchy and the beginning of a time of Sacred Union between Feminine and Masculine, Earth and Heaven, Dark and Light, women are called upon to usher in this new era which is inevitably a time of great challenge, uncertainty, chaos, and possibility. The priestess archetype holds the vision of a New Earth.When women have fully individuated from the old patriarchal consciousness, and are no longer running unhealthy “driven” masculine energy, we are able to reclaim our own personal and spiritual authority and fully step into the empowered Divine Feminine. We are also called to step into becoming Multi-Dimensional, and fully awaken to our destiny as responsible 5-D guardians of Gaia, our  home. To do this we must heal our wounds and open our hearts to the work we have come here to do at this Turning of the Ages. This work is now offered in in-person solo processes via a personal intensive format, or in an International Priestess Journey format. Go here for more information on the entire Priestess Process, and contact Anyaa for more specific information.

EMDR Trauma Release Work

Old trauma is stored in the body, but also in the brain, right and/or left, in such a way that it shuts down learning and creates blockages and crystalline-like structures that inhibit learning. EMDR is a sound~touch bilateral technique that moves through the trauma in a way that processes the unresolved material and clears out phobic reactions. Used with flower and gem essences, neuro-emotional remedies, sound, vibration, and other modalities for quick, effective, maximum results. Biofield Clearing

Our BioField often contains unconscious wounds, traumas, core fears, limiting beliefs, cellular memories, and even inherited and ancestral patterns that get trapped in our energy field and cause physical and emotional imbalances. They can limit our success in all aspects of our lives, including relationships, health, and even financial success. BioField Clearing is a healing system that uses charts, prayers, your Higher Self, Spirit Teams, and specific methods to easily identify and clear these challenges, or negative influences from our energy field, deep into our subconscious and unconscious mind, as well as our DNA. Go here to learn more.

Imago Couples Therapy

Imago Couples Therapy offers a gentle & compassionate way to increase safety, healing, and commitment in relationships. Combined with other practices for enhancing & opening intimacy, it can offer effective communication tools & powerful insights for couples. This approach provides couples with an opportunity to transform themselves and their relationships into Sacred Union. (con’t at the top of this panel)

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Inner Sacred Union for Men (and Women)

Understand the nature of your Inner Beloved through the vehicle of Shamanic Astrology, parts work, guided imagery, and your outer relationship dynamics, past, present, and future. Create a stronger connection within which can positively impact outer romantic relationships. Shamanic Astrology

Shamanic Astrology, the work of Daniel Giamario is a deeply psychological and archetypal astrological system that can assist us to understand and align with our highest intentions and our purpose in this lifetime. As we learn the archetypes that we carry, the dance of life takes on more meaning & depth. We can also use the Great Planetary Cycles of Change as vehicles of Initiation rather than times of suffering. I offer recorded shamanic astrology readings in person and by phone or Zoom including initiation cycles, numerology and one year of sun-moon angle power days for tracking your monthly lunar return cycle.

Personal Flower~Gem Essence Combinations

Flower and Gem essences are homeopathics for the emotional body. They are taken internally to facilitate clearing and detoxification of old emotional patterns that are ready to move. A personal essence combo lasts one to two months. Enneagram Work The personality is the vehicle for the soul. Our personalities often take the brunt of our wounding and also need to be healed of old patterning and then honored in such a way so that we can express that flowering and our soul’s highest purpose. Each of us constellates at one of nine points on the Enneagram. Understanding your Enneagram Personality Type and having specific tools for clearing our neurotic and destructive traits can be a powerful adjunct to any healing and transformational plan. Past-life Regression One perspective is that gifts, patterns and old illnesses often come with us into our present life from past lives. If you have often wondered who you were and where you have come from, and want to get clarity about relationships, behaviors, patterns, phobias, and gifts, and access or clear them out, past-life work is a fascinating and awakening journey! . Renaissance of the Sacred: Stars Stones and Stories

These annual sacred journeys to the Celtic lands with my co-facilitator Daniel Giamario, creator of Shamanic Astrology™ are intended to help you drop out of ordinary time to experience the still-present magic of the Neolithic cultures.

Our Mission States: We are dedicated to the awareness and preservation of global humanity’s connection to its Feminine, Earth Mother, Mother Goddess and matrilineal roots. We create together at sacred sites to reanimate these connections and to help re-dream a new world, founded on gylany, the collaboration of Masculine and Feminine as equals, and without hierarchy. We utilize a group context of Shamanic Astrology and Sacred Earth/Sky ceremony. We specialize in experiencing ancient megalithic sites and sacred landscape around the world, connecting with local experts in each area. We have a particular love of the time-frame of the Neolithic golden age, 2000-4500BC. We feel it to be possible, and even necessary, to reconnect to our ancient DNA and karmic memories of the far longer time in human history, encompassing 200,000 years, when global humanity lived in much greater harmony and peaceful cooperation. Perhaps we can find out who we are and discover what actually happened! Stay tuned to this website or contact Anyaa to be put on an interest list for our next adventure.