NEW SERVICE: Biofield Clearing!

As of late December 2020, I am certified as an Advanced Biofield Clearing Practitioner. Here is a description of the sessions. I am loving this work as it is fast, deep clearing for almost any issue!   ~Anyaa

Our BioField often contains unconscious wounds, traumas, core fears, limiting beliefs, cellular memories, and even inherited and ancestral patterns that get trapped in our energy field and cause physical and emotional imbalances. They can limit our success in all aspects of our lives, including relationships, health, and even financial success. BioField Clearing is a healing system that uses charts, prayers, your Higher Self and Spirit Teams and specific methods to easily identify and clear these challenges, or negative influences from our energy field, deep into our subconscious and unconscious mind, as well as our DNA.

I use ancient Egyptian tools based on sacred geometry to create a magnetic vortex to clear out these default patterns, and then infuse the energy field with loving, balancing, and healing energy of Divine Golden Light, as well as empowering beliefs and what you need to master to create lasting healing in every way. It is truly powerful, sacred healing work. You participate in the clearing, and you can use some of the methods yourself to stay clear! 

This work can be done in sets of 1 or more sessions, 1 issue per session, diving deeper every time, or one stand-alone session.  Send me an email or give me a call at 828-788-0773 to book a session.

Anyaa McAndrew is a highly skilled healer and intuitive.  Her work with BioField Clearing brings a deeper dimension to her work assisting others. I marvel at how easily and naturally it was for her to quickly integrate this work.  When she has done sessions with me, it was spot on every time, and exactly what I needed to see and clear! She is a true gift for all who seek her services. I am honored to have her offering this sacred work. Thank you!”  ~ Dr. Jane Smolnik, ND  BioField Clearing Creator