Audio~Interviews with Anyaa Through the Years

1. Priestess Within: Your Direct Divine Connection

The Priestess archetype teaches you to become the empty vessel, the chalice, the hollow bone. From this inner state of receptivity, you bring forth the subtle vibrations of divinity. As a priestess in these times, you connect to the Earth as your Living Temple and come to know that by simply living your life you are performing a sacred act.

a. On the Priestess Archetype

b. A Guided Imagery to tune into your Inner Priestess

2. On the Solar Feminine

3. On Ceremony and the Sacred

4. On the Renaissance of the Sacred

5. On the Wounding and Healing of the Feminine

6. On The Shamanic WiseWoman~Elder

7. On Soul Purpose

8. On Shamanic Astrology

9. On Sacred Sexuality

10. On Sacred Purpose in Relationship

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