Shamanic Astrology On-Line Classes

Shamanic Astrology Wheel“I so appreciate you encouraging us to take SA Level 2, as it was like a thorough in-depth reading (with my ‘Script’), beyond anything I’ve ever received before. Somehow SA complexes in particular, has helped me understand¬†my very complicated nature. This knowledge has supported me to have a profound epiphany around my Father Wound (the root cause of my anger), that I am forever grateful for ~ what a priceless healing!”

“Thank you so much for a most informative and enjoyable class. Level three helped me take things to another level as we applied what we learned in level two. I appreciated the break down you shared about how to approach the chart analysis in your last class and learning the bi-wheel analysis.”

To Start: Level I Shamanic Astrology Study Group

If you have received a reading from me, are a priestess in my lineage (or have a strong interest in Shamanic Astrology)  you are invited to participate in a Level I Shamanic Astrology Study Group conference call series. These classes have been going on for a few years now, and are the pre-requisite to moving onto Levels II, & III where you will learn to actually read and interpret a natal chart and work with charts of your friends and family.

You must have had a Shamanic Astrology reading with me to participate. Most of the participants are priestesses, but if you have a strong interest, we can make an exception.


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