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I’ve said over the last year or so that we might want to begin to pay attention to changes in global warming and world economics. What I’m about to tell you is not about fear; it is about information. If you can receive it as information, you are going to find an extraordinary opportunity right before you.

Human activity plays a part in global warming, but as mentioned earlier, global warming is, in fact, happening from the inside of the Earth out. As the liquid core of the Earth heats up, it is heating everything from the core to the Earth’s surface. Scientists have now determined that the polar ice caps are melting faster from underneath than from above. The ice caps of the two arctic poles carry enormous weight. As all this ice melts, the weight shifts from just two locations to a liquid distribution throughout the world. In other words, the oceans are rising. You will not see this occur in the next few years, but you will most likely see it occur by the year 2020.

In the year 2003, there was a chunk of ice in the Antarctic called Larson B that broke off the polar ice mass. It was about the size of the state of Rhode Island—approximately a hundred miles long, fifty miles wide, very deep and very high. Scientists said it would take years to melt as it entered the flow of the oceans. It melted in three months.

A few years back, Scientific American magazine published a study suggesting the Earth’s poles are very susceptible to this global warming. It calculated that if the ice of Greenland, Antarctic East, and Antarctic West all melted, it would raise the ocean levels by 179 feet. Eighty percent of the world’s population now lives at sea level. Can the seas rise so dramatically? Such events are not unprecedented.

The great flood of Noah’s Ark is now very definable and well understood in scientific terms. It happened during a period in which a warming cycle ended a cold cycle. The cycle of ice-water-ice-water is a regular rhythm of the Earth. It is not new. We have just not been around long enough to remember.

But what happened in the Noah’s Ark event was a 40-day weather pattern of such intense heat that it melted the ice of the Himalayan Mountains and other major mountain ranges of the world.

The story of this great flood exists within the myths of all ancient indigenous peoples. But specifically, within the unwritten myths of the Indus River civilizations, repeated in oral traditions over the past 15,000 years, there is a story of a great golden city built on the edge of the ocean. The city has existed in the minds of these people all these years, but until a recent advance in technology there was no way to substantiate its existence in any physical way.

There is now a satellite system that produces an x-ray image of the Earth. The rays penetrate six feet into the Earth’s surface. Scientists exploring the Indus flood story considered that if this golden city ever existed, it might still exist under the ocean. So they mapped with x-rays the existing Indus River, and discovered its old river bed still imprinted on the ocean floor, tracing it another 150 feet into the ocean. When they explored that place off the coast they found an enormous city in two sections, perfectly intact, built of rock, 400 feet below the ocean. When the Noah’s Ark flood occurred, it occurred in such a way that it raised the level of the oceans 400 feet.

But this kind of quick, catastrophic flooding has also occurred in this decade. In the year 2000, on December 31 and January 1, a weather pattern swept through California, and melted 10-12 feet of the entire Sierra Nevada snow pack, creating a 500-year flood in just one day.

As global weather patterns continue to shift, we are going to see many abrupt environmental changes occurring on the planet.

As I mentioned earlier, polar ice is going to melt over the coming years, and the tremendous water weight will disperse around the planet. Combined with the loosening of the Earth’s crust from solar radiation, this water weight is going to create cracks and pressure on the Earth’s surface. To put it simply, the Earth is birthing itself into a new Earth.

The oil volcano earlier this year in the Gulf of Mexico was a planned aspect of this birthing process.

Have you ever been around a woman in childbirth who is afraid? The flailing around that occurs is unnecessary, but very real. The Earth is not in fear, but the Earth is subject to a set of patterns that you and I have a lot to do with.

Stored within the Earth’s emotional body, stored within the lower fourth dimension, and stored within our unconsciousness, are all the lesser thoughts ever thought by humanity. All of this lesser energy must be released and cleared for the shift in consciousness to take place.

As the Earth goes through its birthing process, it is being as kind, as generous, and as loving as possible to humanity. It has accommodated humanity from the beginning. It moves around our weaknesses. It moves around our irrationality. It moves around our hate and anger and resentments and our fears, and yet it holds all of these vibrations. These vibrations are now in the process of being purged.

Part of the Earth’s intention in the Gulf was to get the conscious attention of humanity focused on the Earth. The rupture was resolved, but have you noticed its most lasting impact? It has solidified a level of consciousness, an awareness of abuse of power, of greed, and of human stupidity. It has focused our attention at a level of consciousness that is absolutely necessary to maintain in order to go through this Shift with a greater level of stability.

The Gulf “disaster” was part of the Earth’s doing, but the level of human consciousness that perpetuates such events is not something that the Earth will tolerate for a long period of time.

But let me add another piece to this ever-expanding story.

In addition to global warming, I’ve suggested you also pay attention to changes in world economics.

The particular ’Grand Cross’ alignment of the planets that we are experiencing this year is rare, although it has occurred a number of times in our past. It occurred in 1837 and in 1873, and again in October, 1929. Each time it has occurred, it was followed by significant economic upheaval and change, lasting from 6 to 10 years.

ANYAA’S NOTE: Jim has an excellent webinar on YouTube and is gearing up for another free webinar tonight, Oct 11th. go to his website to register.

Now many have been praying, asking, and meditating for a level of consciousness to come onto the planet that is fair, that is not abusive of power, and that does not take advantage of one another. We are now in the process of witnessing what has been prayed for come into reality. But if you hear that as fear, you’re not hearing the message. The message is that the Shift is unstoppably unfolding, and it will touch each of us profoundly, but each of us absolutely has the capacity to move within, through, and around it, as well as to influence it.

The Earth is birthing, and the Earth will accommodate humanity, but the Earth is also asking humanity to accommodate itself. No one can handle this Shift from a third dimensional pattern of consciousness, hoping or praying for a change. Fortunately, it is absolutely within the reach of each of us to step into a higher fourth and fifth dimensional consciousness at this moment— fully conscious, intentional, and focused. From this vibrational platform we can begin to use light, colors, geometries, and sound frequencies to alter the dynamics of this dramatic, unprecedented shift into higher consciousness. But time is running out. The old game is over. That’s not a problem, but the Shift is now accelerating dramatically, and each of us is being asked to step up. Each of us is being asked to perceive the events of this Shift from a place that allows us to choose and influence. From this higher fifth dimensional space, the ability to alter where the hurricanes are going to be, where the earthquakes are going to occur, and the severity of the volcanoes, is now within our grasp.

This is an exciting time. The Shift is an exciting story. So let me repeat the punch line: What you think and how you choose to hold and direct your emotions, can and will alter how the Earth will change.

Every single one of us has the capacity to begin to redirect the contractions of the Earth’s birth process. As her contractions quicken and intensify, the ability to walk through them and influence them becomes very important— and it is a very real opportunity.

So the story of the Shift unfolds every day now, and we can choose to participate, not from a fearful place, but from a foundation of knowledge, expectation, and even excitement. Each of us is a significant player in this story, with an essential role to play. So the only question to ask yourself is: how do I choose to play?

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