Awakening the New Masculine: Implications for Spiritual Entrepreneurs

By: Sherri L. McLendon
Are you a woman in service through her conscious, holistic business? If so, Gary Stamper’s recent book, Awakening the New Masculine: the Way of the Integral Warrior, offers us possibilities to work with men from an emergent perspective—one of healing.
Though written primarily for an audience possessing the Y chromosome, female readers will love Stamper’s book. The Western North Carolina author differentiates between the masculine and the patriarchy, placing men’s history into a clear perspective. It’s a small but critical distinction, especially for women like me, who’ve met their fair share of men who may best be described as “unconscious.”   “I don’t work with a lot of men,” I confided to another woman entrepreneur recently, a bit cheekily. “I find them on the whole to be vexatious to the spirit.”

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