Moving the Feminine into the New Story by Anyaa

Happy New Year, everyone! I took 22 days off this early winter, from 12-21 through January 2nd, 2013. I meditated and slept and wandered around my house, experimenting with new recipes and did whatever felt right in the moment. Now I am back to my Sacred Work and assessing all that has taken place for me, and Gaia, and humanity.

We made it through the Shift, and what I am noticing is a core of joy, and a deeper resonating resolve inside me to move into these next years with grace, ease and a true desire to be here. That was not the case for me early last year. I was feeling tired, complete, and a strong sense that I had done all I could do, served as best I could, and I was wanting to be complete with 3-D reality!  I have spent a lifetime working with the feminine wound: that deep place of self-loathing, self-depreciation, low self-esteem, poor body-image, difficulty receiving, co-dependance, emotional chaos, persecution, rescuing and victimization along with an array of symptoms that we have carried as women for the last 5,000 years. These wounds have been mine and they have belonged to all women. My calling as a psychotherapist, healer, minister and priestess has been to make a difference. So, the work has been in private sessions, personal intensives, Shamanic Astrology readings, and priestess circles. We have shared, cried, held each other, and transformed through these powerful circles. We have been able to stand up and walk into our lives in a new way, into sacred work and co-creations with other women, into new partnerships with men. Sometimes we have had to leave situations and jobs and partnerships that were killing us. We have examined our shadows, our dark sides and our repressed light, and brought it to the surface for integration. We have told the stories of our dysfunctions and our accomplishments, of the ways we have struggled to get by in a patriarchal world. We have embraced our healthy masculine selves and tamed our inner patriarchs or sent them on very long vacations. We have worked so hard together as sisters and we have bonded for a lifetime in these amazing circles, even discovering that we have known each other before and come together just for this healing and this time.

These priestess circles have been a huge part of my life for the past 13 years. Some years I facilitated 5 or 6 a year; 6-9 month circles spread out over the country, with me driving and flying to places that morphed into priestess communities over time. Communities of women were seeded by the first circle and carried on by women who apprenticed with me and made the Priestess ProcessTM their Sacred Work. The years have been rich and deep and powerful. The radiantly beautiful ceremonies and sister support have been a credit to my mentor, Nicole Christine who passed on from this world 4 years ago.

Fifty-two circles later, I know that something has come to an end and something new is beginning. I am still facilitating a few Shamanic Priestess circles here and there, to apprentice women who have felt the strong call to carry on the work. See for more information on Isis Cove and Indianapolis circles. These circles will be the ones that usher in the new frequencies. Mostly I am exploring what is next and how to move into this new era of the feminine, in this new era on earth.

When Venus passed over the face of the sun June 4th, 2012, in Gemini, the archetype of the networker, trickster, puella and comedienne, the Divine Feminine showed herself in a new way. The Dalai Lama is famous for that quote of his that says it is Western Women who will save the world. We call this new feminine the Solar Feminine, because she is not taking on her usual quiet role of mopping up the messes of the patriarchy while she finds ways to heal all the lifetimes of wounds inflicted and self-inflicted by the same worn-out system.  Nope, not any more. My apprentice for my new late February Indianapolis circle, Teri (Lucky Crow…we call her TLC) Barnett just released a book called “How to Be a Kick-Ass Goddess: Twelve Steps to Owning Your Life”.  Step one is I have Impact! Indeed! We are ready and on fire in 2013 to dance, laugh, and joyfully kick our way into a New Story, one that has some very new versions of the feminine.

I did a Shamanic BreathworkTM at the early end of my 22-day retreat. This process is a cornerstone to powerful transformational work and one we use in the Shamanic Priestess ProcessTM.  I breathed with a circle of women who were supporting a sister whose mother had just died. She was in a deep period of learning the truth of her lineage, and we all went into the deep feminine with her. I visited a planet of women, possibly Venus, and I felt the power of this place, and the spiral headband I wore connected me to an experience of Earth’s Ascension, with all beings moving to a higher frequency of love and light with the feminine leading the way in a blaze of golden light.

I also received some energy healing sessions and a few intuitive readings from trusted sisters over the past 22 days. Amazingly, all of them confirmed this sense of moving into a new feminine story, replete with new archetypes, new information about the history of women on planet earth and new codes to embody!

Self-Loving Wholeness

The essence of the Divine Feminine Within is love, yet in the past we have struggled with all the afflictions related to a lack of self-love. If you are a student of my work I really don’t need to tell you about the formula for authentic female personal power and spiritual authority. But if you are new to this work, I will give you the recipe, or perhaps you could use a review:

  • 2 parts service to self (self-care)
  • 1 part being whole unto oneself (knowing thyself)
  • 1 part acknowledging our passion & creativity, and feeding it
  • 2 parts intention and focus (good boundaries & a healthy inner masculine)
  • 1 part embodying sacred experience (living in the body, in the now)
  • 1 part living as a practical mystic & a wisewoman


It is time to make this real, and  to come out of the closet of the mass consciousness trance. Denial that we are spiritual women, going along to get along, keeping quiet about our real opinions, thoughts, desires and dreams is over. Now we are moving out of the fog of 3-D polarity, dichotomy, duality and unreality, into the reality of our acute responsibility to co-create the New World. This requires that we leave behind the luxury of feeling that we are not good enough because we are women! We have had a fog of lies and deceptions laid over our real faces. The feminine is not weak, less-than, or powerless. We are strong and we have always been strong, even when we have been targeted and persecuted. As soon as we love ourselves back into wholeness, the game of patriarchy is over for good. We’re baaaacccckkkkkkkk!

Money Is Love

In my Shamanic Magdalene work, we re-claim the money mysteries, telling our financial stories and holding a new vision for each woman’s financial future. My sense is that it’s now time to move even further into a vision of full financial prosperity for those women who are ready to manifest it! We have been taking the vow of poverty seriously, and that day is over. We can be spiritual, in service, and enjoy the bounty that life has to offer all at once. I have been practicing a gift and trade economy for years, and am always encouraging women to practice asking for what they want and receiving it!  The principle of INI, reciprocity, is another important concept for women. In the past, we have tended to give and give, forgetting to pay attention to equal exchange, then wondered why we felt resentful!  Just a few days ago, a sister put out a call to gather goods for a woman who had just spent several years in prison for a petty crime. She is re-uniting with her children, now teenagers, and is ready to start over. In the new feminine economy we are stepping up quickly to support a sister in times of financial distress or need, and we broadcast to our community what we need without shame or fear of being seen as less-than. We are finally learning to ask for what we want, need and desire. We will co-create, network and collaborate around opportunities that benefit us all. Scarcity of resources will be a thing of the past as women use their spiritual connection & spiritual authority, grounded in a connection to nature and Gaia, to call in abundance. We do this for ourselves first, and then for those we love, and for what we love.

Being a Kick-Ass Goddess

Collaboration and co-creation bring up shadow and conflict. In my circles we learn how to work with shadow, and it is now time to go further. In the past, doing shadow work with another sister would require us to screw up our courage and get all kinds of support from others just to ask for a conversation! In this next phase we will actually welcome the opportunity to resolve conflict, because we now know that whatever we learn will catapult our growth to the next level. The new challenge is to know ourselves fully, and clear away as much as possible, as fast as possible to further our soul’s evolution and refine our vessel for receiving all that we desire to receive. We know that we only attract those opportunities and situations that are here to further our fastest path to Ascension, Enlightenment and the Golden Age on New Earth. When we find ourselves in a situation of disagreement, conflict or discord, we have the internal resources to stay put and work it through, speak our truth, open our heart, and indeed, it shifts easily! This kind of internal shift allows us to encourage and teach those who are a bit behind, opening the door to peace on earth. Being a Peace-Bearer and and a Way-Show-er does not mean we suffer from niceness, an old affliction of the feminine coming from powerlessness. Instead we find ourselves speaking truth to false power easily, and then stepping into authentic power when we are called to do so. Evolved Leadership and Authentic Personal power go hand in hand in the New Story of the Feminine. We are ready to step up when the time is right for each of us. For some, it has already come, and for other women, it is coming very soon, so now is the time to practice, practice, practice!

The Crone and the Queen

Us Baby Boomers ( I just turned 61) have never settled long for mediocrity, and as the new elderly, whatever that is, we may need to rest and rejuvenate for a period, but then we are back into the swing of things, getting our next wind under our wings. I am headed to Cincinnati this weekend to help initiate a Queen, a priestess sister turning 50. She is celebrating not only her own Queen phase of life where she is all about claiming her own domain of personal power and authority, but she is also celebrating her Kingship for the powerful masculine within her.

I participated in a Croning Ceremony for myself in the spring of 2012, where I was honored for this life passage and my wisdom. As a Puella Amazon for most of my life, it has been refreshing to finally surrender into my wisdom years, and know that I can also hold space for every other aspect of myself. I am a multi-dimensional being who is vast and free and is continually unfolding and expanding into Who I Really Am.

If you are ready to journey into the New Story, to live your life in the New Story, to tell the New Story, write me, join me, add to the New Story with what is coming through you. I will be collecting stories throughout the year and posting them here. Send me the stories of how you are embodying the New Story of the Feminine, and what this version looks like in poetry, art, music, prose, whatever comes for you & through you. Let’s inspire each other!

Thank you for being with me as a sister-explorer….I look forward to traveling with you somewhere, sometime soon! I invite you to join me for a Shamanic Priestess circle, a Shamanic Magdalene Mysteries circle, an Ascension Mysteries weekend, the Sexual Healing Week-long retreat, a personal intensive or a Shamanic Astrology reading. Visit my website for more information or email me at

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