Most Beautiful, Beloved Masters.
As your year comes to an end and new cycles begin, we would like you to spend time in gratitude for all that bless you.
Most have gone thru trials and tribulation this past year. We hold compassion for all you endure. With your intent, we ask you to release that which no longer serves you. We ask you to look forward to a future that will make you happy, fulfilled and to serve in a fun, abundant and beautiful way.
You hold beliefs structures that it is hard work to be on the Earth and there is scarcity and that you are powerless. We tell you it is a grand illusion. Your thoughts and emotions can bring you all you desire and seek.
Most of you do not have clear focus on your desires and dreams. So much of your life is created by default. Worry, feelings of being lesser than and not fully appreciating all that is good in your life is creating by default.  With slight shifts of thoughts and feelings, all can be erased and a new brighter future will await you.
It is up to you. You have been taught that you have no power. The greatest illusion there is. You, beloved Masters are some of the most powerful creatures that have ever existed. Just by thinking a thought and feeling how that would be- you create.
You create all that surrounds you- what you perceive as good and bad. We ask you to examine some that you perceive as bad. Re-value that which has been set up by you to learn and use as tools of compassion. For with out some of your experiences you would not be as understanding to others in the same situation.

You use these experiences as ways of growth and learning tools of the heart.
Much chaos you experience is due to lack of understanding about rules of creation. You do not understand that it is you that creates your world. Whether it is there for you by creating in default or on a soul level- all is coming from you. Take responsibility.
Do not beat yourselves up but look at areas that are creating you discomfort – like scarcity of money or lack of harmony in relationships. You can change all that you perceive as not in your desires. Ask for assistance from the heavenly hierarchy. Listen to ideas and inspirations and follow thru. Ask that lessons come to you in forms that are pleasant. Ask for wisdom to learn from joyful experiences. Know that the universe is limitless and all that portrays lack is an illusion set up by self.
Be flexible and flow with change. Do not fear changes but embrace them. Know all is in a higher order and in your highest benefit. Stay focused on that which you desire. Be in touch with the Great Mother Earth. Love her. Bless her and know that your love and blessings are the beginning of loving self.
You must get to a point that love of self is a staple in your diet as human. We are not talking about the ego form or vanity. We are telling you that you are brave souls here to do unprecedented work for all humanity and Earth.
Feel this in your bones- deep within yourself re-member your missions. Re-member the work you have come to do. You are here to lead a pathway of abundance, joy and love for others to follow. You have come to change the frequencies of the Earth. You have been changing these frequencies ever since you were born.

Many of you feel discouraged and tired. We ask you to call on us to assist you in up-liftment and clearing of your path. Pray for clarity and peace. When these things come to you – it opens the gates for all of humanity to experience.
Know you have power- unlimited power to create. Spend time each day in visualizing all that you desire. Make a list and review it. It might be of assistance to keep a book on all the things you feel grateful for. Start…
Even if it is only one thing- as you feel better many more will come to mind. Before long your book will overflow with gratitude….There is much to be grateful for and many blessings are yours. As you do these things it sets up the universal laws to attract more and more of all you desire. Your focus makes it so.
Many are in unhappy relationships. Know through these means much love and understanding can grow. Others may be leaving relationships. Do so with a loving heart. Know it is in the highest order for both parties so they may grow in their own unique way.
Feel the love that is being poured upon the Earth every second of everyday. Tap into these feelings and as you experience them, send them out to the Great Mother. Connect with her heart and know all is well. All is in divine order and in the highest benefit not only for you but also for all of humanity.
Dear ones- you are a blessing to the entire universe. You are instruments of change. Yet you have forgotten and spend time in fear of change. We say to you embrace the very thing you have come to do. Embrace the very thing you are…Change.  Change the world and you change all worlds.
Sounds like a tall order but we say to you- you are more than prepared for this lifetime on Earth. You have spent countless life times in preparation for this very moment to arrive. Embrace -my dear ones. By uplifting your thoughts and emotions thru turbulent times- all is well, all is on task and ahead of schedule.
Your success is already a done deal. So relax, enjoy the ride for there is much to enjoy in physical form. It is a huge blessing from the creator.
Count your blessings and watch miraculously many more blessings appearing. Know you are deserving and a very powerful creature that creates all that is around you.
Dream beautiful dreams – no matter how far fetched they seem. Dream of a world where all are loved, honored and cherished. Dream a world of magic where you play and abundance are effortless and easy. Dream a world where all is cooperative and filled with love. Dream a world where the Great Mother is honored and blessed by the presence of her children.
Dear ones dream the life you want to live. Feel the joy you would have and then release all to the universe, knowing in its divine wisdom all will be delivered in your highest benefit.
Love yourselves enough to accept these beautiful blessings. It is you job- your duty- what you are here for.
There may be roadblocks. Do not get hung up. Examine the block and go around it. It can be as easy as stepping around. It may be that it is in your highest benefit to examine and work with. Maybe the block is time to smell the roses. If it is a huge boulder, perhaps carving a sculpture from it. It is all in your perception. If you do get hung up – call upon us. Our greatest desire is to help in any way we are able.

As you become more conscious of your creations and get better at creating your desires- you will gain clarity on the purpose of everything that appears in your life. Many things you perceive as lesser than. Know it is there as a soul lesson or something that shows you an emotional block that is time to release. It is there to assist you in higher learning. Know too it is a blessing. Thank the universe for the blessing.
Love yourself and love your body. Feel blessed by the body that assists you on this most beautiful planet. Give thanks for being on the Earth each and every day and know your body is a great gift from the creator. Allow the very cells within your body to sing in harmony and health will be restored. Many changes are happening on all levels. The re-structuring of the physical body is one of them.
Your body can be restored to perfect health. It will rejuvenate and replenish itself. It is being re-wired to accommodate higher energies of love and balance. Bless your body and feel grateful for all it does for you. Do not criticize it for not fitting into the mold of what society tells you is perfect. It is an instrument of profound qualities- working diligently for your presence here. It is going through great changes and is under stress. Bless it, love it and be most grateful for it’s presence -for without it, your journey on the Earth is not possible.
Love it for its beauty. Release notions of all that it is not and embrace it for all it is- A magnificent, beautiful and profound instrument of God. Embrace it in all of its glory and you will experience perfect health and well-being.
Dear blessed ones. Times are turbulent on Earth. Energies bombard you at every angle. You are Masters and by staying in the focus of gratitude, you raise yourself above these energies into a field of the Christ love. Know in your heart you have capabilities to live above the mundane and illusions. Be in joy and dream beautiful dreams for yourself and others. The heavens are filled with assistance for you to walk this journey. You are never alone. You are the brave souls that have come to be instruments of profound change for the world and all that exist in the universe- all is connected and where change happens in one place- change will happens for all.
Bless yourself and know you hold the power, the power of love. You are infinite spirits that will bring about a new world for all.
The entire Heavens await the arrival of Heaven on Earth. Dear Masters you are the ones that will bring these changes to the world. The Great Mother is grateful, the heavenly hierarchy is grateful, the universe is grateful.
We watch over you and love you beyond your comprehension- know you hold the power of change. Be yourself, go about your life in conscious creation. Have patience and compassion for yourself as you learn these tools. You are the way showers, the instruments of change. Honor yourself for the powerful beings you are and watch miracles surround you. You are always protected and forever surrounded by God’s loving embrace. You are his blessed children here to do his work. You are the chosen ones- ones that can and will change the world to beauty, love and harmony. Be at peace dear ones and know all is in divine order.
Bless you dear Masters, Know you are safe, loved and always protected.
For I am
Archangel Michael

(author unknown…if you know who this chanel is, please let em know at and I will credit them!)