Flower Child

Vessel of Love

Messenger of the Cosmos

Blessing this life

This earth

with healing heart




Reactivating the

power of Goddess


and expanding love


Thank you for serving

So high a calling.

Mona Reeves
Magdalene of the Infinite Light

What Women Have to Say About The Priestess Process (from the most recent to 6 years ago when the process began!)

“The Priestess Process has allowed me to deepen my connection to the Goddess within and become a more fully embodied woman. As I experience the many aspects of the Divine Feminine, I am able to connect more authentically with others in work and play. There is a Great Mystery at work in this Process. Thank you, Anyaa, for bringing this work to Minnesota.”

Deb Irestone
Certified Hypnotherapist
Wife and Mother of 3

“Anyaa McAndrew’s teachings of the Priestess Process and the Magdalene Process speak to the wonder of the feminine within each woman. The processes are spread out over several months which facilitates a commitment and a dedication not found in shorter workshops. Once I engaged in the processes, I become the divine feminine in training at first then embodied my birthright of the divine feminine with dignity, compassion, true self love and sisterhood. I was never one to have many girl friends and was always more comfortable with men. These process have changed my life views in a wonderful way and I have many women in my life now I regard as dear sisters. Anyaa’s teaching and mentoring brought a blessed balance to my life. I recommend these processes to females who want to heal old wounds in a gentle arena, embody their own divine abilities and know without a doubt their importance to their families and loved ones but also to their neighbors, their work arenas and in the Universe. ”

Rev. High Priestess Joana ShinKara Morris,
Crystal Star Magdalene, Spiritual Counselor
& Shamanic Practitioner, KC, MO.

“I encourage any woman who feels incomplete in her body and world to consider this amazingly sweet and powerful journey into herself. Being a healer myself, I have done many processes and on a strictly personal note, this has served me better at this time of my life than any other I have done. I am pleased and elated to call myself a high priestess and welcome all women into this circle of being who we were meant to be.”

Bobbie Martin

“Anyaa, Just wanted to send you a note to let you know how much I enjoyed the Emergence on Sunday. The drumming and communion were wonderful additions. Thank you for the work that you do. The Priestess that emerged were beautiful and powerful and reminded me of what I stepped into when I embarked on this path. You do facilitate powerful change and I wanted to take a moment to honor you and let you know how much I appreciate you and the work you do.”

Priestess Joanna Cyrgalis
Labyrinth Goddess Clothier
Priestesses of Fire Circle, January 2004

“I wanted you to know that I realize that I have been in some level of depression and this connection with the feminine has definitely lifted that. I have felt what it means to have true feminine power. Just as before, I had heard about this but didn’t know it. Now I do. All the head knowledge that I understood about the divine feminine, well, now my body and spirit have opened up to the deeper wisdom And I also know that this is just the beginning, which makes it all the more powerful and exciting. Thanks again.”


“What a profound experience of deepening my own spirituality the Priestess Process was for me. Anyaa created the sacred container for our circle to express our ideas and beliefs, explore our inner meanings and connect on so many levels, as women, daughters, leaders, teachers, sisters. There was the quality of honoring each woman’s journey, from where she’s come to where she’s intending. We had the opportunity to dig deep within for our own beliefs which is so important in our secular world; this reminded me that I am a sacred being living in Oneness. Creating my Intention Statement, listening to my Inner Patriarch, honoring and joining my inner masculine and feminine aspects, burning up the parts of the past that no longer are part of me, sharing our stories – letting other women really know who I am deep inside – all of these and much more opened my soul to seeing in a new way. I found sister friends that I want in my life forever, we had fun together, laughing, dancing, creating art, learning from each other as we grew. I highly recommend this journey for those women who are ready to shift into a new paradigm where women are powerful, spiritual lights.”


“Bishop & High Priestess Anyaa, my sister, my teacher, my friend and my mentor. How on earth can I come up with words to show the appreciation for the work you do? I have so loved this process and the safety net that you create so that I could fly without concern about being devastated. What an inspiration you are to me. I have to honor you for the way you held space for our circle. You truly do an amazing job, one on a few Goddess/Priestess’ in the world could do. My relationship with Bill only strengthened through this process. Thank you for your wisdom. Thank you for your connection to the Goddess. Thank you for your beauty & strength. Thank you for the structure and the ability to flow to wherever we needed to flow to. I have too many “thank yous” from the depth of my soul to be included here.”

Priestess Shari (Starfire) Lowe, Realtor
Rainbow Rays Circle, October 2003

“High Priestess Anyaa, You are quite the facilitator! I have participated in groups before and am very grateful for the sense of balance you bring to your work! You have a very gentle power and a wonderful playfulness which puts everyone at ease. My experience with the Priestess Process was very powerful. Anyaa is a wonderful facilitator, with a gift for bringing out the best in everyone. She leads all of us into a deeper place of self-truth. The journey is not always fun-facing one’s shadow is never easy on the ego- but essential for deep self-relationship. Anyaa is a true leader and a perfect guide through that underworld of the shadow. The process requires as much honesty as you can bring to it. the more honest you can be, the more you will learn. It is a safe space with your circle sisters. All of us go through the journey seperately together. We call each other on our “stuff”, and support each other through the learning. There is no finer process and no finer facilitator. My life has been changed forever as a result of this process,my circle sisters, and this gifted facilitator. ”

Priestess Heather McCrae, Teacher
Shakti Circle

“I felt fearful within, I did not trust others, and I did not feel safe enough to even seek my own truth. With Anyaa’s gentle, steady, loving guidance the spiritual Priestess Process changed my life by helping me restore my life force energy and begin to speak my own truths. It gave me the strength to reclaim my birthright as a delicious juicy woman, remember to live in love instead of fear, thus learning that I am safe here; and helped me to embrace others with an open heart.” I am very grateful and have much joy in my life from this process and Anyaa!!!”

High Priestess Carol Mason
The Turtle Circle

“It is difficult to express in a few lines what the Priestess Process experience meant to me. Simply stated, it is the most incredible gift I could have given to myself in this lifetime. I came into the first weekend with all the pieces of my 58 years of this lifetime gathered and somewhat sorted. The puzzle came together slowly over the course of the next few months. Then, when I walked through the arch, emerging as Priestess to the Planet, I felt total re-affirmation that my path, as I had chosen it, was not just a good one for me – but the ONLY one I could have possibly taken. It has been less than 9 months since my emergence and I am reaping the harvest of the seeds planted and nurtured. The women in my circle have become a part of my life and the sisterhood has been truly precious. Thank you for having chosen this awesome teaching tool as your life work. And thank you for sharing it with me. You are a blessing in my life.”

Priestess Evelynn Maurine, Tantra Educator
The Shakti Priestesses

“I made a choice to walk this priestess path after hearing Anyaa speak at a local gathering in Kansas City and after watching several of my clients grow from their experience the year before. My intention was to have fun and enjoy awakening to a process led by a woman who knew how to hold space for others. My gift was beyond the limits of my imagination. I now consciously walk with my goddesses each day and find myself falling in love with the Divine Feminine more and more. If this path calls you, please consider it seriously. The world we live in needs as many women awakened to their priestess selves as possible. It is truly our gift to ourselves and the world we love.”

Priestess Bobbie Martin
Healing Practitioner and Holographic Repatterning Teacher
Sacred Sisters of the Spiral Serpents Circle

“I’m not sure what I was expecting or wanting when I signed up for the Priestess Circle. I just “knew” that it was the next step on my spiritual journey. Each weekend we gathered, it was confirmed that I was right where I was supposed to be. Finally, I felt spiritually at home. Finally, I felt safe in a group of women. Finally, I experienced the “magic of circle”. As each weekend passed, I knew I was “getting it”. And I was. But I didn’t fully “get it” until the last weekend when we had to write a letter. How hard could writing a letter be? Not very hard…until I realized who the letter was to: the Divine Mother. And in the writing of that letter—the night before we gathered for the last time (it was too scary to think about before!)—I “got” it. My spiritual search was over. I was home. I was safe. I was complete. For the first time, the whole world was open to me because I am daughter of the Divine Mother, the Sacred Feminine, Divine Goddess. I am Daughter of She who Was and Is and Ever More Will Be. What is there that I cannot do? Who is it that I cannot be?”

Priestess Dawn
Sacred Sisters of the Full Circle
Kansas City, November 2, 2003

“The Priestess Process has supported my soul purpose in a way that is empowering, enlightening, and enriching. I have heard the calling to a spiritual path my entire life but could not find one that supported me as a woman, connecting me with the Divine Feminine. Raised as a Southern Baptist, women were not encouraged to pursue a ministerial role in the church. I was not sure where to go with what I knew was my life purpose. I feel as if I was given a great gift by connecting with this powerful circle of women, working with my Tribe of Priestesses. I hear the sound of my very own Heart Song, I know the purpose for why I am on this Earth, and I understand how to move forward with my specific gifts. I am encouraged by the effects this deep work will have on the consciousness of women: our mothers, our sisters, our daughters, and our granddaughters. We are awakening the world!

Kim Oursler,Madonna Minister
Priestess Flaming Star Horse Woman



“Dear Anyaa,
Thank you. I wouldn’t be where I am today without your love, support and the sacred work that you do. Please feel free to use this story as an example in whatever way you see fit:

Dearest Sisters,
A miracle has manifested for me and for my relationship with my father and I just had to share my joy with you. I had postponed talking to my dad about the Priestess Process until shortly before Emergence. Two months before Emergence I warily emailed him about my upcoming ordination with a brief yet honest description of the Priestess Process. To my great pain and disappointment, he had a lot of things going on and did not respond.This just furthered my anxiety yet I knew that I was at the point where I was ready to “come out” as my Priestess Self, not caring what anyone thought and no longer interested in bending my truths to suit the beliefs of others.This was a huge accomplishment for me.Time cruised by with no reasonable communication and we never had a chance to talk about it.Last weekend he and I and Bridget, my father’s new bride (whom I adore) were finally able to sit down and discuss it fully. I was cautious initially because he is (or apparently was) extremely conservative and has (had) verytraditional, old fashioned ideas about women and anything that could be construed as “feminist”. My original plan was to ease into it and talk about those aspects of the process that would be more palatable to someone who was not familiar and perhaps uncomfortable with the concept of the Goddess. Then I felt myself step into power and the next thing I knew I was using words and phrases like Feminine Face of God, Divine Feminine, Goddess, shamanic, animal totems, blood mysteries, Christian Mystic and High Priestess. I began making scriptural references and talked about my calling.I told them how the structure of the Priestess Process is set up through priestess-high priestess-apprentice from beginning to end including my visions for facilitation in the future. Then a funny thing happened. I realised that as I was speaking, my father was smiling back at me with approval and Bridget was nodding emphatically. I had gone into this discussion prepared to defend myself. I spent a lot of time getting to the point where I did not form attachment to the outcome but only knew that the coversation had to take place regardless of what he thought of me afterwards.

I told them that, assuming that Tim can find a job and that my businesstakes off, I was hoping to continue on with the Magdalene circle. Well, to make a long story short, he said “Hopefully? Um, no. If things don’t work out then we’ll take care of that for you. You need to do this, you’ve obviously gotten a calling.” This is the guy who, years prior, refused to
help me with college unless I was going to get a degree in business, “forget art school or a major in religious studies, you’ll never get a real job,” he had said. “Have you considered being a career military woman?” Then, as if I wasn’t already in total shock he proceeded to announce that he feels there is such a great need for this type of experience to be made available for all women. To further my astonishment my dear, sweet, born and raised Lutheran, ex-army-paratrooper-NRA-card-carrying father then proclaimed that it was his opinion that churches have been male dominated for too long and that they’ve lost sight of the true reality of God. I almost fell off my chair! No literally, on the floor. He said that he was in full support of me and of this journey because the way I described the process it sounded not like a pointed finger placing blame but more like a curved finger beckoning “come”. Wow. I mean…wow. You’d have to know the guy but I assure you this is a truly amazing thing. I am still stunned. Never thought the Goddess would speak through my father, but if ever I had doubt in the reach of Her hand, now I KNOW all things are possible. There is indeed hope.

Thank you for listening and allowing me to share my joy with all of you. Love and Brightest Blessings.”

Priestess Sara Visionwalker
Sacred Sisters of the Full Circle
Kansas City

“Life is good. I thank you for the priestess process. I am continually amazed at the significant and subtle changes in my life resulting from my awarenesses raised in the process. It’s just wonderful. I am looking forward to the Magdalene circle in Kansas City next year.”

Ordained Priestess Connie Walton
Sacred Sisters of the Spiral Serpents

“The priestess process was an amazing experience for me. I emerged with a greater sense of my own worth and divinity as a woman and with a clarity of my relationship with the Divine. The group process challenged and expanded me in surprising and wonderful ways. Anyaa’s presence through the process was at times sweet and nurturing, at times intense and challenging, but always loving and real. I would recommend the process to anyone seeking to deepen their relationship to the Divine and claim their inherent power and wisdom.”

Priestess Erin Parks,
Massage Therapist,
New Millennium Priestesses

“The Priestess process has been the greatest thing I have ever done for myself. Throughout the entire process, I stretched and grew beyond anything I could have imagined for myself. The journey itself was challenging, nurturing, emotional and done in a very sacred way. This is a life changing process. It is deeply transformative, healing and soul-fulfilling work, a journey of rediscovering your own Divinity and your own power. This process has lit a fire within me that can never be extinguished. I had promised myself someday I would do something to help me find out who I was. Promise kept.”

Priestess & Rev. Dr. Shae Rightmire, Psychic,
Sacred Sisters of the Spiral Serpents

“The Priestess Process is an enlivening and powerful exploration of the Divine Feminine both within and without. It is an essential step in self Actualization and cultural evolution. I highly recommend the adventure. Buckle up it’s quite a ride.”

Deana Guadagno, DC
Ordained Priestess

“The Priestess Process is giving me a whole new way of experiencing life, embracing life and gaining personal power and love. I am trully in awe of this blessed process and thank Anyaa for her loving presence as I reclaim my priestess self.

Kathy Cooper (Priestess Maya)
Massage Therapist & Living/Raw Foods Educator

“The Priestess Process breathed life, vitality & fullness into theessence of my feminine side, even my physical female body! Making group connections with the women who were trailmates for the process has strengthened my personal will. As I fully embody these changes they spread through me to others in wider circles and I am gaining confidence about moving forward. Anyaa was a wonderfully strong midwife for this process, a true mistress of her domain!”

Suzanne Welander
Ordained Minister & Shamanic Astrologer

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