Just the thought of working with women in a sacred way and helping them live their potential made my heart sing. The second I was offered a chance to apprentice a priestess circle, (someone invited me from my original circle called The Rainbow Rays), I wanted to accept. The thought of helping to create space for women to aspire their dreams, a place to hold their true voice was honoring for me, and I knew the time would come but not quite yet!!!.
Then it came! I now have the privilege of apprenticing the Sacred Sisters of the Phoenix Fire, an amazing group of spiritually conscious women that want to change their lives through the Priestess ProcessTM. This process helps women identify and integrate the emotional, psychological, and spiritual issues that sabotage their efforts at creating a life of fulfillment and abundance. It is an initiatory process that consists of seven weekend sessions over the course of one year. The patriarchal cultural model of duality that we live under is crazy if you take it too seriously. That’s because there are worlds beyond rationality and logic that resonate with the relational model of wholeness women carry in our DNA. While we are all spiritual beings, it is especially important for women to connect with and live from their own spiritual authority so women can raise the world consciousness to a higher, life-sustaining level.
What exactly is a priestess? A priestess is a woman who lives her life from her heart and sees everything as sacred. She serves as a bridge between heaven and earth, a walker between the physical world and the spirit world. Her intention is to make the world a better place by being a conduit of Spirit and setting the stage for all people of the planet to return to the heart space of unconditional love. A woman’s job is important because it is the energy of women living from deeply feminine, life-sustaining values that will turn our unbalanced world around.

Who can be a priestess? Any woman who is willing to face the shadow parts of herself and work through her issues with the support of others so she can come to a place of loving and accepting herself. Many women carry priestess energy without going through a formal priestess initiation. The patriarchal focus of American culture subtly dictates that women are inferior and need the validation of man. The roles of woman have always been strong. Priestesses are women who embrace the feminine and masculine aspects of themselves in a balanced way. When women gather in circles and share their stories, powerful things happen. The loneliness and isolation many women feel get lifted as they recognize themselves in the stories of other women. By sharing their truths, women begin to value their thoughts, feelings, and opinions using their feminine essence as their reference point.
The Priestess ProcessTM ends with each woman self-proclaiming her gifts and talents to the community. This comes after exploring and experiencing goddess lore, shadow issues, sacred marriage, conscious death/sacred rebirth, and telling our spiritual stories as a way of affirming multiple aspects of ourselves. The women who come together create a sacred space, a place where each woman’s truth is validated.
The love, support, and encouragement of the circle, even the conflicts, are all parts of the process of transformation. Our outer world mirrors our inner world. The priestess circle provides a place to vent, address, and assess what is going on in your life and to set how your intention to create consciously the life you desire.
Deep transformation takes place for women participating in this process. The women create living ceremony, where they create sacred union of their masculine and feminine aspects. They also dance, journal, and learn to listen deeply to one another and themselves. The ceremonies along with the power of women raising their voices have a spiritual alchemical effect. As the women of the circle come to love and trust each other more and move deeper into the process, it becomes safer to let go of the fears that they carry. It’s like releasing dead weight.
Women gathered for a special purpose in prayers and rituals not only help us heal ourselves, but they help people all over the world. Every time we release our fears, acknowledge our prejudices, or honor our sacred calling – whatever it may be, we open the pathway for others to follow. At these gatherings we are blazing new trails by spirituality and actively living our sacred purpose.

Mona Reeves will be co-facilitating
a Priestess Process circle with Shari Starfire Lowe in the Atalnta, GA area.
Her sacred purpose includes healing the planet through empowering women.
Contact Mona at 770 315-2783 or spiritina@yahoo.com

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