The purpose, desire and passion behind What’s Up On Planet Earth? is in bringing a higher level of evolutionary awareness to souls who are summoning this energy, and to connect and assist us during the now rapid ascension process many are experiencing.

The higher energies are relentless now, barely allowing us to take a breath in between all the manifestations, and moving us ahead at warp speed.
These new energies are placing us in higher realms reality, whether we are ready to go or not. Pulling us along, bringing to us incredible opportunities that we never might have imagined ourselves, and guiding us into the spaces of our divine and true purpose, we can barely keep up with it all.
Manifestations of these energies can be experienced as acute stress, overwhelm, total exhaustion, weakness, and brain overload. Having a normal phone conversation can drain us to the point of not being able to have one, and even lifting up our arms or moving our legs forward can feel like a major effort as our energy reserves are so depleted! We may sleep the sleep of the dead, and then wake up at 3:30 ready to go again, as we are so primed, excited, and ready for our new lives and realities to begin!
Craving sweets and sugar, along with water, are our natural inclinations to gain some energy somewhere. In addition, we may subconsciously blame others for much of anything and everything, get testy and grumpy, as we are again, making an attempt at taking some energy from somewhere else in order to boost our seemingly dead batteries. Drinking lots of water and eating lots of protein (the ancients recommend legumes) can be the best solutions, as well as simply lying upon the earth and gathering up her energies as a needed boost. And the Buddha belly returns with a vengeance! We can eat like birds and exercise endlessly, but we need to hold the density of these new and higher vibrations, and thus, our weight maintains a higher level than normal for us. And always around that belly area!
These energies are relentless indeed, as they do not seem to cease. Everything seems to be happening at once, and even though most of our manifestations are awesome indeed, overload and stress can be the result. Feelings of over-stimulation are indicators of these times.
As with any move into a higher realms reality, the darkness can arrive as well. Whenever we approach a higher rank on our evolutionary ladder, we can, and usually do, experience what may feel like an unusual amount of darkness around us. But the higher we go, and the further we progress, the briefer this period becomes. And after we pass through the gate of darkness, as it is on the road to the higher realms, we are again able to experience peace, love, and all the goodies we deserve at the end of this particular rainbow of evolution.
Is it the darkness attacking us and trying to interfere with our light becoming brighter? I say no. What is actually occurring is that the darkness within us is leaving and making an exit that cannot be denied. The deepest parts of our souls that have been around for eons of time, which embodied any of the darker and denser energies, along with the darker energies that we agreed to transmute for the whole of the planet, are being purged.
This can manifest as acute anger, rage, feeling immense panic and stress, a great feeling of being lost without a rudder, unexplainable dark and almost evil emotions and thoughts, and the like. If you have experienced any of these, and are able to simply know that this is a process of evolution and it will pass, and that you are not evil or being attacked by darkness, things will feel much better for you. It is most certainly not the real you, as the real you is a being of light indeed.
Our crown chakras are also receiving huge downloads of energy as well, creating head and ear pressure, and back and neck stiffness and tension.
Another manifestation that can occur, arrives in the form of having some unpleasant experiences. These occur as a result of immediate manifestations of how we are running our own particular energy. They are simply pointing out to us how we feel about ourselves, that we may need to stand up for ourselves more, or perhaps not do so much for others, or perhaps do more for others, or the like. Whatever needs balancing and tweaking will arrive for us in bold, living color as part of our own individual drama. These messages are also arriving in the form of our dreams, as we may have what feels like a disturbing and important dream, and awake feeling traumatized or alarmed.
In addition, there is a huge amount of projecting going on now. It absolutely cannot be denied. We may think we are so very wonderful at times, and it is everyone else that has the problem energy, but if we look hard, we can clearly see that we do these same things at times ourselves, and are simply not aware of how we are being perceived by others. In addition, whatever seems blatantly horrific in another’s behavior, is usually what we need to possess more of ourselves. We just need to find a justification for this behavior in a higher form, and know that it is OK to possess it ourselves.
Yes, the higher energies are bombarding us with intense and rapid movement and manifestations, and we are experiencing them in a variety of ways.
Last night my husband Phil and I went out to an ancient site in our community called Casa Malpais. We were granted access by the museum director, as all of us wanted to view a particular petroglyph in order to see where the sun landed at the cross quarter of May 5th, when the masculine and feminine energies merged (our wedding day as well!). Although none of us were able to view this occurrence on the exact day, due to cloudy weather and also that Phil and I were away being married, last night was the first clear evening when the sun set.
When we arrived, the museum director was just leaving, as she had arrived before we had. She was very rattled and unable to describe what she had seen unusual for her. Phil and I decided to hike up ourselves, and on this evening, at sunset, we had a very unusual and totally amazing experience. The energy of the entire site had completely changed.
Before, the ancients usually hid themselves during Phil’s regular tours, although they came out and spoke to him when he was there alone. Mostly the small, gentle, and loving women of the casa, and an ancient shaman who was there from the stars to teach the shaman in the kiva, as this site was created as a “shaman school.”
When I spent time at this site, I usually connected with the ancient being from the stars who created the ancients themselves, and seeded this community a truly awesome and incredible being as well. So with Phil’s knowledge of the timelines, facts and figures from documentations, and artifacts he had collected, along with the information that the star beings and ancient site dwellers had revealed to us, and along with some inter-dimensional interpretations of mine, we had been able to piece together some amazing things.
But last night, all was different. And it was so different that what we had pieced together so far seemed acutely trivial, piece-meal, and barely touching the tip of the iceberg.
Last night, there was an immense opening to a much higher dimension. The entire site was covered by and embodied a HUGE energy of higher beings, and was at a very new level. It was so intense, that Phil had tears streaming down his face the entire time. As I shouted to him (the intensity was deafening) while I was translating as rapidly as I could what was being revealed at this new level, he was adding to it as well.
The energies were so high and intense, that we could only stay a short while, until dark. We were barely able to accommodate them, but we felt that we had arrived in another world, on another planet, and had a hard time leaving! We were told as well, that we would come up with a question, one question and the answer would immediately be revealed to us. This answer would unlock the mysteries of all time, and provide a foundation, theme, and purpose for higher level living and being. It is the theme that runs through it all, and makes anything and everything finally make sense.
We knew we had picked up this key on our wedding day at a small and isolated town in New Mexico where the ancients had really first begun, but had simply been following the trail of crumbs.
And this is how it is for all of us now. We are being catapulted into the higher realms. Great and awesome doors and being opened to realities we have never experienced before in these particular human bodies. We have been re-incarnated and are being reborn into what a wonderful woman just described to me as a “very new dream.”
The days of suffering and pain are over. The days of struggle are over. The days of darkness and negativity are over. We have truly arrived in a new reality of new ways of living and being, and we need only seize the day.
What will be your reality? What will you allow to be revealed to you? What path will you follow? What excitement will you experience?
Wishing you Heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times.