I will forge my own goddess in the fire of my need

Unmet by the father-god daddy-world
(call her Kali)
Hammer her curving, open form on the anvil of my power
(call her Hecate)
Carry her close in the medicine bag of my heart
(call her Inanna)
Worship her with love of self
(call her Diana)
Love of life
(call her Demeter)
Love of Earth
(call her Gaia)
She asks no burnt offerings, no fatted calves,
No “Thou shalt nots”
Indeed, she sings to me “Thou shall!”
Oh, truly is she flesh of my flesh, blood of my blood,
Bone, sinew
Never further from me than my heart, my skin
My belly and breasts,
I call upon my goddess, “Rise up within me!”
And, oh, she rises.

Karen Runkles Throener © (1996)