To understand what it means to bring through and amplify our soul power, we must also understand that we live in several dimensions at the same time. When we dream or find ourselves in half-states, those places are where we are in other dimensions. Being conscious of these other dimensions allows us to ask for solutions to what may seem like ordinary issues or ordinary problems.

We may not know for a while which dimensions have answered our requests for assistance, but we do know the truth of “Ask, and ye shall receive.” We can know there are other dimensions. We can receive information and have a good sense that we are evolving spiritually.

As a priestess, we need to ground our energies daily by connecting with Gaia and the dimensions that are beneath us, the second and first dimensions. As we breathe, sending the energy our and up, we accept that it is part of our nature to be in cyclical flow.

At this point comes awareness of the multidimensionality around us, rooted in the iron core crystal in the center of the Earth – our root chakra is actually the center of the earth. On a daily basis, we work with the elementals of the second level as we process information and release patterning. As we release the patterning, and complete the karma we’ve been holding onto, we release the elementals who assist us. They get to go home.