My Priestess Sister, Rebecca Noel, sent me this recently, and it is a very important message for sacred women:

This series was truly illuminating and very eloquently covered the issues I’ve been grappling with recently of where exactly is the line between focusing energy on what you don’t want and looking at what’s happening in the world at the moment…..what is the line between educating oneself about some of the darker shadow things happening and giving power to it by focusing on it….Where is the line?

This series exquisitely details how information is neither good nor bad it’s the fear we attach to the information that keeps us from taking action to make change for the better and why the feminine energy doesn’t want to explore any of the negative stuff going on in the world and instead looks to men to be our savior but why our energy is needed the most at this time….I highly recommend watching/listening to this… especially all women.