Dear Motherpeace Friend:

Feast your eyes on this newly discovered crop circle that appeared this week
in England. Those of us involved in Goddess spirituality and the Women’s
Spirituality Movement have maintained for many years that the “divine
feminine” is making a comeback at this late date in his-story. In what we
hope is the nick of time for saving the world, She graces our imaginations
through dreams, visions, received messages, apparent displays such as
and myriad other creative expressions–crop circles being one of them.

Artist and activist grandmother, Lydia Ruyle, sent me the link this morning
for this recent crop circle, but I myself have also seen them over the years
on visits to England’s sacred landscape around Silbury Hill and the West
Kennet Long Barrow. There are many wonderful books available and articles
written by hunters and afficionados of the crop circle phenomenon, which has
been going on for decades. Skeptics have attempted to show them as bogus,
but happily, the magical formations so far defy all efforts at debunking.

All (or most) crop circles are beautiful to look at, often symetrical and
perfectly arranged geometric shapes or flowers, aesthetically very pleasing
and impossible, by scientific standards, to create in such a short time (as
they often appear overnight, or even in a period of a few moments). They
simply defy the modern scientific understandings of reality and force us to
open to what we don’t understand and cannot name in traditional ways. What
a gift for us in this time of the “solid state reality” that maintains
nature is not sentient.

Tonight (3 am in California) the New Moon Solar Eclipse takes place at
around 10 degrees of Leo. The eclipse can only be seen in the far northern
latitudes of the Arctic Circle, but no worries–it will be felt all over the
world! Not only is it important as all eclipses are, but it falls on one of
the sacred cross-quarter days of the Goddess Calendar–Lammas or August Eve,
the festival of the first fruits (in the northern hemisphere). That this
Goddess figure has appeared in Her full splendor as a crop circle with this
precise and precipitous timing is a gift and a blessing to the world.

Native people tells us that eclipses amplify whatever we’re doing by
millions of times, so make good karma now and try not to be harmful in any
way. Say your prayers, make your wishes, do your mantras, sing your chants
before you go to bed tonight, and perhaps your dreams will bring a message
of positive healing power. Astrologers tell us that eclipses always affect
world events which unfold in the months and years following the eclipse
itself. This Solar Eclipse falls at the same degree as the Ascendant
(Rising) of the chart representing the New York Stock Exchange, so expect
some kind of roller coaster ride in the next few weeks and months.

Our ancient ancestors went to great lengths to honor, mark and celebrate
Solar and Lunar eclipses for many millennia. Some of the most beautiful
earthworks in the world, such as Stonehenge in England or New Grange in
Ireland, or even the Butte in Chaco Canyon, New Mexico, have been arranged
and modified in order to accommodate and record eclipse cycles.

May this holy time be a blessing for each of you and all of our kin. May the
world be illuminated by the light of the spirits of peace and love. May we
all be part of a transformation and healing of this beautiful planet that
involves a return of the values and energies of the sacred feminine.

Blessed Be, Vicki Noble