Emergence Graphic





Go on treasure hunts and look

Wealth and power will be had.

Plumb the depths, turn the soul over and see.

Yet, be warned: there is danger

In the excavation of long-buried things…

Ghosts with wide eyes and quick breath

May shadow hesitant steps through the dim

Light available along the snaking passages.

Ceilings, prone to collapse, may cover

The path back to the surface

With the dirt and dust of ancient knowing.

But do go.

Go on treasure hunts.

Take the arduous journey

Into and through the remains

Carried within: dream songs

And signs lead to the source

The ‘x’ marks the spot, the ‘you are here dot

Of the treasure…

Early exhilaration will speed the dig along.

Focused moves marking nocturnal clues,

Noting interior hints and veins of truth.

Yet, often, muscles will retreat

From the weight of painful fragments,

Soul shards amidst the debris,

And so the spirit slackens.

Nonetheless, please go.

Go on treasure hunts.

Seek Her, the precious stone, weighty

And aglow. She craves the way above

And beyond this dark-hidden lode.

Mine her carefully. Cherish her light.

Temper the strain endured, the labor of her unveiling,

With the immeasurable bounty of her presence

In the life of a hunter of treasures.