By Mona Reeves

Mona and AnyaaSliding through the door the second the ceremony began, I settled into a seat in the back of the room. The Mistress of Ceremonies, Anyaa McAndrew, was welcoming us to this important occasion. Eleven women were to proclaim themselves priestesses, aligning with and reclaiming their spiritual authority. I knew the gravity of what was about to happen because I went through the process myself only a few years earlier. Like them, I had embarked on a journey that spanned nine months, meeting for six weekends to play spiritually and do deep work emotionally. I found the best part of the weekends to be that I could fully own myself sans the roles I fill in everyday life. I could dream, play and just plain BE. The priestess process that these women were completing had required them to open their hearts and follow their spirits. It had moved them to connect with the Divine Feminine.

The air above my head was peppered with an exquisite explosion of color from eleven rows of eleven brightly colored banners – one banner on each row representing each woman in all her beauty and glory. The portal from which each woman would emerge was absolutely lovely draped in flowy pink fabric. On the right sat a table with each woman’s intention statement. On the left was a table holding each woman’s gift to the community. At the rear was a table abundant with succulent food.

Having arrived later than I planned to, I took everything in, and thanked the Universe for divine timing. Shortly after I took my seat, the Priestesses of Venus Star Rising floated, glided, sashayed, and pranced their way around the room. Each woman was a wondrously individual expression of the grace and beauty of the Goddess. They filled the room with their essence, creating heaven on earth. They were a gift to behold.

What a joy to witness each woman as she stepped into her priestess self, proclaiming the gifts she brings to the world. Drumming and chanting enlivened the air as each woman stepped forward to proclaim herself a priestess. Several of the women were also ordained ministers through the Madonna Ministry. The talent these women possess is simply amazing. They already moved through the world in powerful ways. The priestess process opens women up to being powerful across many dimensions. Each Priestess of Venus Star Rising claimed this power as her own.

Committing to the priestess process is the beginning of shifts in a woman’s life that move her life to coincide with her soul’s purpose. Each woman sets an intention at the beginning of the process. Once that intention is set, the woman on the priestess path steps into an initiation process. Along the way, she will laugh, cry, shout, dance, sing, play, pray, be. She will see herself reflected in the stories of the other women in her circle. She will come to understand the power of vulnerability and the power of facing the truth. And she will embody the power of being a woman.

To witness yet another priestess emergence was an honor and a privilege. The next priestess circle is one I will apprentice, so I will be taking part in an emergence ceremony about a year from now. I cannot wait to assist women in discovering deeply who they really are in their heart of hearts. What I love most about the priestess community of which I am now a part is that I have lots of sisters now that I connect with on a deep level. Women I can hug for minutes at a time. Women whose eyes I look into and I am embraced by the love beaming back at me. In a world where women are portrayed in less than sacred terms, to be connected with women on a sacred level is a godsend.

The way to saving the world from the end we are headed toward now is for women to gather and reclaim the power of the divine feminine. Only by healing the wounds laid upon us by the patriarchy and facing the fears that block our empowerment can we, as women, shift the consciousness that is leading our society to ruin. The priestess process is not the only way that women can come together to commit to saving Mother Earth. But is an extremely effective way of creating the safe space needed for women to show up fully as all of who they are.

The most beautiful benefit of being part of a priestess circle is the support that comes with women bonding together to fulfill a spiritual purpose. Whatever needs healing will be held in sacred space. Each circle is a place for walking the path paved in miracles. Some of us have divine appointments we made many lifetimes ago. Come as you are called to the circle of women.