Today I feel the beauty of a WOMAN, of every WOMAN

HER thoughts, loves and ideas give birth in extraordinary ways

HER smile the sun, bringing warmth light and the fineness of life

HER breath the cool summer breeze, washes delight over my skin

The moon cycles HER depth with a sense of all pounding hearts

Creation the womb of HER heart gives life all I see and love

SHE as creator, lover and the divine all knowing mother

I stand as a man in awe of your gifts

And bow before your light… You are truely beautiful

With my sword of honour and your love deep in my heart

I pave the way for your loves magnificent creations to find home

In harmony and peace I will fight for you and HER to return

It is SHE who I serve…

Today I Honour YOU as SHE, HER, MOTHER, CREATOR and as a WOMAN Living, Giving and Birthing the Love you were born for and will die joyfully giving until your final breath…