By Gary Stamper
Something is glaringly absent in the Integral Community. As I point out in the introduction of my book, Awakening The New Masculine: The Path of the Integral Warrior,” here is the precipice humanity is teetering on:
 “Never before in human history has humankind been this close to a global psycho-social and spiritual awakening. At the same time, never have we been in such danger of being swept into a global totalitarianism, potentially more oppressive than any system known before. Technology, at the hands of little boys pretending to be men, has led us to this new geopolitical reality.”
What’s missing is paying attention to and addressing the biggest event that mankind has ever faced: The Shift.  As a result of this obvious omission, couched in multiple perspectives of first-tier thinking and shadow, I find it difficult to to think of the Integral Community as…well…integral. Even what might be the first stage of second-tier thinking, Integral, or turquoise in Wilber’s model of altitude, or yellow, in terms of Spiral Dynamics, with one of its primary focuses on competency,  lacks the compassion needed to empathize with the depth of pain that the coming changes are going to bring to the planet and the billions of people who will suffer through these times.
While the world, unions like the EU, nation states, and the people contained within these structures begin to feel the pain, and as things are speeding up, looking like a giant sink with the plug pulled with the accompanying whirlpool sucking everything down with with it, the Integral Community seems to be mostly ignoring the bigger picture.
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