Submitted to Sunstream Magazine

June 13th, 2009

By Kristina Violet & Kelly Ann Woods

Our community was blessed recently with its first Priestess Ordination after a profoundly intensive 9-month process.  This is a great time of awakening and transformation on the planet. As stewards of these changes, a circle of 15 women journeyed through several initiations, rituals, ceremonies & celebrations, culminating with Sunday’s (June 7th) Emergence.  An Ordination occurred for many of them, giving them the title and responsibility of a Reverend within the Madonna Ministry, a-global Spiritual Community, a Church without walls.

Women from all walks of life came to the Shamanic Priestess Process out of a deep desire for greater balance, purpose, connection and inner spiritual authority, as well as activating the return of the divine feminine, walking in harmony with the masculine. The Priestess archetype is a vehicle of that return and union.  She lives her life in a sacred way, connecting her human self and her goddess self at the same time.” says Anyaa McAndrew, the group’s facilitator.

The course also offers a greater understanding of archetypes and how they live within us, often influencing and directing our thoughts, feelings & actions. One may move through the Amazon, the Vision Quest Heroine, the Courtesan, for example, the goal being to acknowledge, accept and integrate these energies?, thus reducing fears of the shadows which lurk within each of us and bringing the gifts and light to the surface.

One of the participants, Reverend Kristina Violet expresses, “This transformative journey equated to a 9-month gestation of giving birth to my authentic self, allowing me a deeper sense of purpose, spirit and connection to all.  Although being in the womb and giving birth wasn’t always easy, I feel reborn, recreated and ready to serve my community in a more unconditional loving, playful way?.  As a circle, we shared deeply, danced daily, laughed and cried loud and clear each time we came together. I know that we will always be friends, and bringing more spirit, ritual and service to the Sunshine Coast, the lower mainland and the world at large.”

“Upon completion of the nine month process, each Priestess proclaimed their personal intentions and gifts they bring to their community in the presence of over 75 guests, allies and those who’ve shared their journeys.” claims McAndrew.

A new circle commences June 27th as an intro weekend for the next Shamanic Priestess Process.  Women interested in stepping into their power, to share their gifts and contribute more fully in their home and community, are welcome to join in this profound journey. More info can be found at or call Kristina at 604-885-6688.