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NOTE: I stopped posting testimonials in 2016, and I am currently completing my 3rd on-line circle since  2019. It is doubtful that I will be facilitating circles in the future, unless they are in the form of in-person intensives with 2-4 more women in my Full Moon Sanctuary temple. If you are interested in a circle, read the information on this site, and listen to my audios on the priestess archetype. Then, contact me and let’s talk about the options, which may include a referral to a fully trained priestess who has apprenticed with me.

A 2016 comment from a priestess who emerged in 2008:

I am forever grateful to have taken the path of Shamanic Priestess.
Every day “She” is with me. And I am empowered by the wisdom
and insight that I have, to speak into what concerns me and what
confounds me.

2015 Ireland particpants say:

“Never have I been so impressed and pleased with an intensive personal growth experience! There aren’t words enough to explain the value of SPP for women like myself who crave serious personal and professional growth. In some ways, it was like condensing 10 years of therapy, workshops, and retreats into a few days. Additionally, there isn’t money enough to buy the immediate and long-term value received from SPP. It’s 2 million % ROI. Not only did the SPP itself meet and exceed my expectations, I ended up going home with a bonus unexpected support network—a deeply connected sisterhood! The gifts of the process are personal, global–and eternal.”         Terra Weaver
Wellness Educator and Entrepreneur, Asheville, NC

“For me Christianity alone is too wobbly a structure to rely on at this turning of the ages. The tree of my faith needs deeper roots. I was moved beyond words to have the scars on my injured face and hand anointed by Anyaa with water from St. Brigid’s well in Liscanor, near our retreat house. The hoary goddess Brighid, Ireland herself, was, I believe, present in that water as well. Raven and Anyaa structure this process so tightly that as I moved from day to day, activity to activity, I could feel my trust and understanding deepening. I went into the process skeptical but in need, and came out much less skeptical, and strengthened. The bonds created between the women who did this work together are so strong that I feel certain I’ll know my fellow priestesses for the rest of my life.”  JH, Washington State

“I first found out about the Shamanic Priestess Process eight years before I actually did it. I knew in my gut, heart, and soul that I was called to it, and one thing or another always seemed to “get in the way” of actually doing it. When Anyaa’s email about the Ireland Shamanic Priestess Process came to me in March of 2015, I knew my time had come. I felt a distinct draw, pull, click inside that could not be denied no matter what my mind tried to say to the contrary. I chose to listen to my deeper knowing, and I cannot tell you how deeply grateful I am that I did. For me, the Shamanic Priestess Process feels like “the thing” I was waiting for all these years. It brought together years of self growth and spiritual healing work I had been doing into a cohesive whole. Through the process, I found and empowered parts of myself that I don’t think I could have accessed in any other way. I felt so safe and supported to feel, think, express, and share all of myself within the container created by my circle, Anyaa, and Raven. This safe and empowering container has been carried home with me and continues to support me as I make changes in myself and my life, career, health, etc. A lot of confusion about how to move forward in my life cleared up during the process and I have come home energized and ready to take steps that I have been unable to take for years. I’m moving each day down a new path of my career and feeling happier, more energized, and excited everyday instead of tired, burned out, and unhappy. My marriage has benefitted from this happier, more fulfilled, & enlivened version of myself as have my relationships with family and friends. This path is not easy, it takes work and courage, and the Shamanic Priestess Process has helped me to access greater energy, courage, inspiration, and a sense of supportive community in ways that I have never felt before. This experience has opened up new worlds for me and I feel so much more excited and passionate about myself and my life. Thank you so much!”
Kendra Williams
Bodyworker & Healer, Atlanta, GA

2015 Central Florida Shamanic Priestesses say:

“Immense gratitude to you, Beautiful Ones, for sharing your wisdom and love in bringing this opportunity for remembering, embracing and embodying our essential Truth and Purpose as Divine Feminine Beings. Every step through this process – every song, every exercise, every experience – has awakened awareness and been magically profound for my growth and healing on this deeply personal journey. Sometimes it’s taken courage to face resistance and fear – then epiphanies and Joy! It has been incredibly rapid transformation that continues ~ my Sound Healing work has taken on a whole new dimension! I highly recommend this process to every woman whose heart is desiring to identify her purpose, recognize her higher gifts, real-ize her strength, beauty and calling ~ to live more fully. All this lovingly supported with Anyaa and our apprentices and our circle grandmother holding an open-hearted, encouraging, sacred space for breakthrough after breakthrough – Priestessing in action! ~ thank you, Love! ~ Priestess Sat Prem”

“…..bottom line “this process” is about knowing you and celebrating your womanhood and your personal spirituality. It is powerful and emotional and you will dig deep into yourself to know yourself in a whole different way; but one that finally, finally makes sense! Not only that but you will verbalize it, share it and be HEARD and ACCECPTED by these newly found sisters of the heart. You will open up and poor out and fill up again and again and no matter what you will be accepted and loved. If you want to discover the real woman within, if you want to be stronger, be confident in who YOU are then do this process…… And, even though there will be a change in you, you will still be you! “
Kimberly AKA Priestess Marilyn

“The Shamanic Priestess Process has been a beautiful vehicle for me to wake up. It has made me aware of old-built-in patterns that did not work for me. With the support of my circle of sisters, this experience has allowed me to let go of my ego and surrender, opening the door to let in the higher power, seeing a new way to be me. The women who have come into my life because of the circle will be my dear friends and sisters forever and beyond. I feel blessed.”
—-A.N., Kissimmee, FL

“The Shamanic Priestess Process has significantly changed and enhanced my life in ways that words cannot express. I formed relationships with women that participated in this circle that truly heard me, and sincerely formed a bond of trust that will last forever. I was empowered in such a way, that I will never doubt myself again. I am so deeply thankful to you, and your apprentices Melody, Be and Grandmother Evelynn (which I consider my older sister) for caring, and making it a safe place for us to share and be authentic with ourselves and each other. I can live my life to the fullest with the tools you provided for me to continue, and for that, I will always be grateful. Love and many Blessings.”                                                                                                                         —–Sarah M, Orlando, FL

“That which has been neglected has taken center stage.
That which has been suppressed is blossoming.
That which felt shameful has been redeemed and honored.
At last, I am free to be in the World as my most authentic Self.
Love and Gratitude beyond words.”
Paulina Iola Baubo

“What a journey of self-discovery! I have had the honor to experience and embody the Shamanic Priestess Process with my daughter and not only has the Process transformed and empowered my life, it has forged a bond between my daughter and I that is incomparable. I recommend that all Mothers and Daughters join your sacred circle of sisterhood.

Each phase of the Process opened me up and allowed me to dig deep into discovering my soul’s purpose in this lifetime. Under divinely guided leadership I fearlessly confronted my “herstory” revealed it and healed it. I am not the same person as when I began the Process I am a “Shamanic Priestess” and am so very grateful! And So It Is!”                                                                                                                                                                                                                               With much Love, Light and Gratitude,
Patricia Magdalene, Florida

2014 Shamanic Priestess Process:

Dear Anyaa,
This process has been an absolutely amazing experience. It was the perfect “jump start” that I needed! Perfect Divine Timing! My heartfelt thanks to you for this opportunity!
Priestess Hawkwoman

Recent comments from priestesses who did the Process 10 years ago:

“Hello, Anyaa,
On the Solstice the women in our circle co-created a wonderful ritual of Light and Darkness. As I lay in bed that night with all the loving energies and memories of the day circling around and through me, I was struck with the realization of how profound and life changing the Priestess Process has been for me. Gratitude filled me and overflowed as tears of joy and appreciation. I am who I am for having been in our Sisters of the Nine Moons Circle way back in 2003-to 2004.”
A.S. Eugene, OR

“I am very aware Now of the powerful effect the Priestess Process had on me. It was the best thing I have done for myself. It healed me on so many levels. From family of origin, society and my church’s views of women. IT WAS HUGE!!!! Thank you Anyaa.”


“I can’t tell you how much the priestess process has strengthened me and directed my focus, and how important my priestessing will be to me as a mother. For that, thank you! thank you! thank you.”       A.G. Atlanta

“I just want to share that this past weekend was incredibly powerful for me, and I want to thank you for what you bring to women. I loved the process of working with our astrology; standing on the wheel and speaking into those aspects was brilliant facilitation, Anyaa and for me, really helped who I am sink in… I loved the process of creating our personal ritual; I loved the experience of just being who I am…and, thank you so much for the feedback, both days, as I struggle to really understand how others are affected by me…”

You might think I’d say… “This course is awesome, you should take it!”… That’s totally an understatement! This is truly a ‘PROCESS’ of transmutation, which has totally amp-ed up my self-esteem and self-worth big time! It has birthed a new level confidence. Anyaa and her amazing Apprentices, reflected to me, who I truly am (each one has their own special gifts… just like other leaders & apprentices of the SPP). They acknowledged my power, love, and truest essence, right to their core. That kind of reflection, made me feel nurtured in the most comforting way one can possibly imagine.  Yes…they pushed my buttons, but in a good way. They lovingly reflected what I needed to learn most, and what I need to let go of, etc. They also acknowledged what gifts I offered them, that they found valuable. So there was a sense of equality as Sisters, rather than a hierarchy.  S.  in Vancouver, Canada

Thank you so much for developing and priestessing such an amazing process to assist us on our journey of release and expansion. I am truly transformed and I know my sisters are also. I am grateful to you for holding that safe space for us to become ourselves.  Tara – Burnsville, NC

This process makes your dreams a reality. Because of this, all of the commitments involved are totally worth it! I dare you to feel that worthy, to treat yourself with that much respect and care, to get all of the nurturing support, with TLC and a little tough love that you need; to make that shift in your life, so you can truly soar! I dare you to allow yourself to be that great! This process has the most amazing support system and tool set, to fully claim your true-self, as a Shamanic Priestess to the world! S.

The things I’ve learned so far with the priestess process are things that would take me a lifetime to reach, even with all the healings and bodywork I create for myself. Thanks so much for your gracefulness and ease in presenting and teaching.  M.

The Priestess Process is a journey of self-discovery that calls us to our courage and our love.  I was called to this process with little in the way of knowledge about what to expect, and found a deep honouring of the feminine principle without any diminishment of the value of the masculine principle. Indeed, this process has enhanced my appreciation of all that is, (the masculine, the feminine, and the genderless).  I value myself and others on whole new levels. 

The Shamanic Priestess process allowed me to see myself as a part of the constellation of sistars. As our formal work ends, the priestess process continues to work through me and relationship with sistars deepen.  My world is opening as never before and I attribute a great part of this opening to my participation in the Shamanic Priestess Process.  Thank you, Anyaa, Starrfire and Ruthanne for creating and holding this sacred space. Rebecca in Asheville, NC


The Priestess Process was a turning point in my life.  The weekend workshops with Anyaa and the amazing women in my group helped me find my authentic real self. It had been lost in the last 60 years of taking care of everyone else….  I had forgotten ME.  I am now walking a wonderful life path and feel personally empowered.  I will be forever grateful to Anyaa and all the special women in our group.     Claudia( in Georgia)

I don’t know if I’ve ever been at a ceremony that felt more sacred.  It was most amazingly choreographed; and the spiritual energy called in was most tangible.  I truly felt humbled and blessed to be witness to this incredible event.  I knew of 3 or 4 women who were to be ordained today… but when I got there, it turned out that I knew more than half of them!  What an honor to witness all these women naming and claiming their power!  I’m still buzzing!   I also knew probably half of the people in the audience, including all the other men in our group.  It was such a rich feeling of community for me!  And to be surrounded by so many goddesses! Very very profound for me.  Please tell Anyaa how much I so deeply appreciated the immensity of this experience.  Bob, partner of an Emerging Priestess.

“This transformative journey equated to a 9-month gestation of giving birth to my authentic self, allowing me a deeper sense of purpose, spirit and connection to all.  Although being in the womb and giving birth wasn’t always easy, I feel reborn, recreated and ready to serve my community in a more unconditional loving, playful way.  As a circle, we shared deeply, danced daily, laughed and cried loud and clear each time we came together. I know that we will always be friends, and bringing more spirit, ritual and service to the Sunshine Coast, the lower mainland and the world at large.”


“Since moving to NC from AZ I have had a difficult time finding and developing friendships with women. In an answer to my prayer I have not only found Anyaa, a woman deeply committed to spiritual growth and the upliftment of us all, but I have found a sisterhood and a support system through the Shamanic Priestess Process. Anyaa is a skilled therapist and facilitator and I am finding myself in a circle of some of the most beautiful (brave!) and powerful women I have ever met.”

Thea, Musician and Writer, Highlands, NC

“Anyaa brought the Priestess Process to Minnesota a few years ago and my sweetie went through the program with a leader who earlier apprenticed with Anyaa. I witnessed amazing growth in her as a result. She is now in the second phase (Magdalene) and that looks to be even more profound. A high percentage of the women who go through the first phase go on to the second. She got results because she did the work, took it seriously, dug in and dug deep. As a witness of the results of this work I have only good to say about the program.”

Marc, husband of a Priestess

“Something has changed at the cellular level. Using deep sharing, ritual, dance and breathwork I was empowered to take off the mask and make peace with my shadow. Diving deeply into myself within a safe circle of women was what I needed to understand my life’s calling. The process gave me the tools to be authentically present in each moment. Anyaa is a skilled facilitator.”

Judith, 56


“The Priestess Process has opened up my eyes, ears, heart and spirit in such a way that I barely recognize myself in my own life. Being who I am as I am where I am is a gift of the Process and I will be eternally grateful to Anyaa, our apprentices and all the Sis-Stars who were born, nourished and blossomed in the hills of North Carolina. From conception to birth Life has never felt so vital. Thank you all.”

Patricia, Huntsville, AL

“This process helped me form relationships with women in a new way. I was blown away by the power of participating in a women’s circle, of being truly heard, of feeling safe when vulnerable, of not feeling so alone. It all still amazes me. I dove in with faith that I could get back to living life again in a way that supports my soul’s purpose. I am so happy to be on that path and cannot wait to see what the future holds for me.”

Linda, Minneapolis

“You are most loved in this world and I feel so honored to have studied under you. My life has been significantly enhanced since the Priestess and High Priestess trainings I took with so many wonderful women under your tutelage.”

Joana ShinKara, Kansas City

“My wife spent the past year engaged in the Shamanic Priestess Process. I witnessed a profound change in her true-self as a result of the sustentative, celebratory self-improvement work facilitated through the Process. Her extraordinary growth has revealed for her a deep sense of sacred purpose, strengthened our relationship, and helped ground our young family.”

Stan, Asheville, NC

“I have grown and processed so much old stuff that I think might have taken me years longer to do on my own. Ceremony is so important and helps to heal so much so quickly. (The Process has helped me) …to realize and grow into my sacred mission to grow bigger and faster than I ever thought I could.

Carolyn of Minnesota

“I very much needed a community where I could feel safe. As a result, I feel much safer in the world, more grounded, stronger, more confident, like I don’t have to hide anymore.”



The Priestess Process has been the greatest thing I have ever done for myself. Throughout the entire process, I stretched and grew beyond anything I could have imagined for myself. The journey itself was challenging, nurturing, emotional and done in a very sacred way. This is a life changing process. It is deeply transformative, healing and soul-fulfilling work, a journey of rediscovering your own Divinity and your own power. This process has lit a fire within me that can never be extinguished. I had promised myself someday I would do something to help me find out who I was. Promise kept.”

Rev. Dr. DeSha Moyers-Cockburn, Psychic, Ordained Priestess and Minister

“The Priestess Process is an enlivening and powerful exploration of the divine feminine both within and without. It is an essential step in self actualization and cultural evolution. I highly recommend the adventure. Buckle up it’s quite a ride.”
Deana Guadagno,DC, ordained priestess

“The Priestess Process is giving me a whole new way of experiencing life, embracing life and gaining personal power and love. I am truly in awe of this blessed process and thank Anyaa for her loving presence as I reclaim my priestess self.

Kathy Cooper (Priestess Maya) Massage Therapist & Living/RawFoods Educator

“The Priestess Process was an amazing experience for me. I emerged with a greater sense of my own worth and divinity as a woman and with a clarity of my relationship with the Divine. The group process challenged and expanded me in surprising and wonderful ways. Anyaa’s presence through the process was at times sweet and nurturing, at times intense and challenging, but always loving and real. I would recommend the process to anyone seeking to deepen their relationship to the Divine and claim their inherent power and wisdom.”

Erin Parks, Massage Therapist, Writer, Ordained Priestess and Minister

“The Priestess Process breathed life, vitality & fullness into the essence of my feminine side, even my physical female body! Making group connections with the women who were trailmates for the process has strengthened my personal will. As I fully embody these changes they spread through me to others in wider circles and I am gaining confidence about moving forward. Anyaa was a wonderfully strong midwife for this process, a true mistress of her domain!”

Suzanne Vesely, Ordained Minister & Priestess

“Bishop & High Priestess Anyaa, my sister, my teacher, my friend and my mentor. How on earth can I come up with words to show the appreciation for the work you do? I have so loved this process and the safety net that you create so that I could fly without concern about being devastated. What an inspiration you are to me. I have to honor you for the way you held space for our circle. You truly do an amazing job, one on a few Goddess/Priestess’ in the world could do. My relationship with Bill only strengthened through this process. Thank you for your wisdom. Thank you for your connection to the Goddess. Thank you for your beauty & strength. Thank you for the structure and the ability to flow to wherever we needed to flow to. I have too many thank yous from the depth of my soul to be included here.”

Priestess Shari (Starrfire) Lowe, Real Estate Agent, Rainbow Rays Circle

My experience with the Priestess Process was very powerful. Anyaa is a wonderful facilitator, with a gift for bringing out the best in everyone. She leads all of us into a deeper place of self-truth. The journey is not always fun-facing one’s shadow is never easy on the ego- but essential for deep self-relationship. Anyaa is a true leader and a perfect guide through that underworld of the shadow. The process requires as much honesty as you can bring to it. the more honest you can be, the more you will learn. It is a safe space with your circle sisters. All of us go through the journey separately together. We call each other on our “stuff”, and support each other through the learning. There is no finer process and no finer facilitator. My life has been changed forever as a result of this process, my circle sisters, and this gifted facilitator.”

Priestess Rev. Heather M. McCrae, Special Educator, The Shakti Priestesses

“I felt fearful within, I did not trust others, and I did not feel safe enough to even seek my own truth. With Anyaa’s gentle, steady, loving guidance the spiritual Priestess Process changed my life by helping me restore my life force energy and begin to speak my own truths. It gave me the strength to reclaim my birthright as a delicious juicy woman, remember to live in love instead of fear, thus learning that I am safe here; and helped me to embrace others with an open heart.” I am very grateful and have much joy in my life from this process and Anyaa!!!

High Priestess Carol Mason, The Turtle Circle

“It is difficult to express in a few lines what the Priestess Process experience meant to me. Simply stated, it is the most incredible gift I could have given to myself in this lifetime.
I came into the first weekend with all the pieces of my 58 years of this lifetime gathered and somewhat sorted. The puzzle came together slowly over the course of the next few months. Then, when I walked through the arch, emerging as Priestess to the Planet, I felt total re-affirmation that my path, as I had chosen it, was not just a good one for me – but the ONLY one I could have possibly taken. It has been less than 9 months since my emergence and I am reaping the harvest of the seeds planted and nurtured. The women in my circle have become a part of my life and the sisterhood has been truly precious.
Thank you for having chosen this awesome teaching tool as your life work. And thank you for sharing it with me. You are a blessing in my life.”

Priestess Evelynn Maurine, Tantra Educator, The Shakti Priestesses

“I made a choice to walk this priestess path after hearing Anyaa speak at a local gathering in Kansas City and after watching several of my clients grow from their experience the year before. My intention was to have fun and enjoy awakening to a process led by a woman who knew how to hold space for others. My gift was beyond the limits of my imagination. I now consciously walk with my goddesses each day and find myself falling in love with the Divine Feminine more and more. If this path calls you, please consider it seriously. The world we live in needs as many women awakened to their priestess selves as possible. It is truly our gift to ourselves and the world we love.”

Priestess Bobbie Martin, Healing Practitioner and Holographic Repatterning Teacher, Sacred Sisters of the Spiral Serpents, Kansas City

“I am not sure what I was expecting or wanting when I signed up for the Priestess Circle. I just knew that it was the next step on my spiritual journey. Each weekend we gathered, it was confirmed that I was right where I was supposed to be. Finally, I felt spiritually at home. Finally, I felt safe in a group of women. Finally, I experienced the magic of circle. As each weekend passed, I knew I was getting it. And I was. But I didn’t fully get it until the last weekend when we had to write a letter. How hard could writing a letter be? Not very hard…until I realized who the letter was to: the Divine Mother. And in the writing of that letter the night before we gathered for the last time (it was too scary to think about before!I). My spiritual search was over. I was home. I was safe. I was complete. For the first time, the whole world was open to me because I am daughter of the Divine Mother, the Sacred Feminine, Divine Goddess. I am Daughter of She who Was and Is and Ever More Will Be. What is there that I cannot do? Who is it that I cannot be?”

Priestess Dawn, Sacred Sisters of the Full Circle, Kansas City

“The Priestess Process has supported my soul purpose in a way that is empowering, enlightening, and enriching. I have heard the calling to a spiritual path my entire life but could not find one that supported me as a woman, connecting me with the Divine Feminine. Raised as a Southern Baptist, women were not encouraged to pursue a ministerial role in the church. I was not sure where to go with what I knew was my life purpose.
I feel as if I was given a great gift by connecting with this powerful circle of women, working with my Tribe of Priestesses. I hear the sound of my very own Heart Song, I know the purpose for why I am on this Earth, and I understand how to move forward with my specific gifts. I am encouraged by the effects this deep work will have on the consciousness of women: our mothers, our sisters, our daughters, and our granddaughters. We are awakening the world!”

Madonna Minister Kim Oursler, Priestess Flaming Star Horse Woman

“Life is good. I thank you for the Priestess Process. am continually amazed at the significant and subtle changes in my life resulting from my awareness’s raised in the process. It’s just wonderful. I am looking forward to the Magdalene circle in Kansas City next year.”

Ordained Priestess Connie Walton, Sacred Sisters of the Spiral Serpents, Kansas City

“The Priestess Process was an amazing experience for me. I emerged with a greater sense of my own worth and divinity as a woman and with a clarity of my relationship with the Divine. The group process challenged and expanded me in surprising and wonderful ways. Anyaa’s presence through the process was at times sweet and nurturing, at times intense and challenging, but always loving and real. I would recommend the process to anyone seeking to deepen their relationship to the Divine and claim their inherent power and wisdom.”

Priestess Erin Parks, Massage Therapist, New Millennium Priestesses

“The Priestess Process breathed life, vitality & fullness into the essence of my feminine side, even my physical female body! Making group connections with the women who were trailmates for the process has strengthened my personal will. As I fully embody these changes they spread through me to others in wider circles and I am gaining confidence about moving forward. Anyaa was a wonderfully strong midwife for this process, a true mistress of her domain!”

Suzanne Welander, Ordained Minister & Priestess

“Dear Anyaa,
Thank you. I wouldn’t be where I am today without your love, support and the sacred work that you do. Please feel free to use this story as an example in whatever way you see fit:

Dearest Sisters,
A miracle has manifested for me and for my relationship with my father and I just had to share my joy with you. I had postponed talking to my dad about the Priestess Process until shortly before Emergence. Two months before Emergence I warily emailed him about my upcoming ordination with a brief yet honest description of the Priestess Process. To my great pain and disappointment, he had a lot of things going on and did not respond. This just furthered my anxiety yet I knew that I was at the point where I was ready to “come out” as my Priestess Self, not caring what anyone thought and no longer interested in bending my truths to suit the beliefs of others. This was a huge accomplishment for me. Time cruised by with no reasonable communication and we never had a chance to talk about it. Last weekend he and I and Bridget, my father’s new bride (whom I adore) were finally able to sit down and discuss it fully. I was cautious initially because he is (or apparently was) extremely conservative and has (had) very traditional, old fashioned ideas about women and anything that could be construed as “feminist”. My original plan was to ease into it and talk about those aspects of the process that would be more palatable to someone who was not familiar and perhaps uncomfortable with the concept of the Goddess. Then I felt myself step into power and the next thing I knew I was using words and phrases like Feminine Face of God, Divine Feminine, Goddess, shamanic, animal totems, blood mysteries, Christian Mystic and High Priestess. I began making scriptural references and talked about my calling. I told them how the structure of the Priestess Process is set up through priestess-high priestess-apprentice from beginning to end including my visions for facilitation in the future. Then a funny thing happened. I realized that as I was speaking, my father was smiling back at me with approval and Bridget was nodding emphatically. I had gone into this discussion prepared to defend myself. I spent a lot of time getting to the point where I did not form attachment to the outcome but only knew that the conversation had to take place regardless of what he thought of me afterwards.

I told them that, assuming that Tim can find a job and that my business takes off, I was hoping to continue on with the Magdalene circle. Well, to make a long story short, he said “Hopefully? Um, no. If things don’t work out then we’ll take care of that for you. You need to do this, you’ve obviously gotten a calling.” This is the guy who, years prior, refused to help me with college unless I was going to get a degree in business, “forget art school or a major in religious studies, you’ll never get a real job,” he had said. “Have you considered being a career military woman?” Then, as if I wasn’t already in total shock he proceeded to announce that he feels there is such a great need for this type of experience to be made available for all women. To further my astonishment my dear, sweet, born and raised Lutheran, ex-army-paratrooper-NRA-card-carrying father then proclaimed that it was his opinion that churches have been male dominated for too long and that they’ve lost sight of the true reality of God. I almost fell off my chair! No literally, on the floor. He said that he was in full support of me and of this journey because the way I described the process it sounded not like a pointed finger placing blame but more like a curved finger beckoning “come”. Wow. I mean…wow. You’d have to know the guy but I assure you this is a truly amazing thing. I am still stunned. Never thought the Goddess would speak through my father, but if ever I had doubt in the reach of Her hand, now I KNOW all things are possible. There is indeed hope.

Thank you for listening and allowing me to share my joy with all of you.

Love and Brightest Blessings,”
Priestess Sara Visionwalker, Sacred Sisters of the Full Circle, Kansas City

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