Shamanic Magdalene Mysteries 2018

Artist: Richard Stodart

NOTE: The Shamanic Magdalene Mysteries is a higher octave of the Shamanic Priestess ProcessTM. You can participate if you have emerged as a Shamanic Priestess or a priestess with a qualified Priestess ProcessTM Facilitator.



November 7-16, 2018

contact me if you are interested in participating in a small accelerated Shamanic Magdalene Mysteries circle here in the Smoky Mountains at our Cove at Birdsong Creek Retreat Center         

Isis Cove Community, Full Moon Sanctuary and Half Moon Temple

This Shamanic Magdalene Mysteries circle is all-inclusive, small and intimate, with full teachings, transmissions and the personal work outlined below:

  • Tuition is $3,000 (shared room) with a $500 non-refundable deposit (after June 1st, 2018)
  • all-inclusive 3 meals per day
  • Limited to 5 women
  • The balance of the tuition is due before the retreat
  • See my page here to consider payment types and cancellation policy
  • Ministerial Ordination is an option at Emergence



Highly suggested readings:

1.  Under Her Wings: The Making of a Magdalene by Nicole Christine $17 available on

2.   Money is Love by Barbara Wilder $10 (this is a very short 1-sitting read) available on

3.   Navigating the Collapse of Time by David Ian Cowan $13.00 available on

4.   Great Human Potential: Walking in One’s Own Light by Tom Kenyon and Wendy Kennedy $14 available on

5.   Re-Claiming Goddess Sexuality: The Power of the Feminine Way by Linda Savage $14 available on

6.  The Soul of Money: Transforming Your Relationships with Money and Life by Lynn Twist $12 available on

7.   I Remember Union: The Story of Mary Magdalena by Flo Aeveia Magdalena $18 available from


“Activating the Archetypes and Initiation”
We will open to our oracle selves and channel each of the 4 Goddesses: Isis, Magdalene, Moneta and Inanna to create powerful intentions individually and collectively.  We will also experience a nine-dimensional teaching and activation which will inform our work in a myriad of ways throughout the series and prepare us to step fully into the energies of 2012. We will ceremonialize all of this in our Initiation ceremony.

“Isis Mysteries: The Political & The Spiritual-Reclaiming our Power in the World”

We will re-frame the notion of politics as “personal power” as we give voice to all that has been dear to our hearts and calls us to Sacred Activism….powerful work for clearing & re-owning the 3rd chakra
“Inanna: The Shamanic Mysteries of Death & Rebirth”
A full Shamanic Breathwork Journey experience where we descend into the underworld to meet our own inner dark sister Erishkeigal and come back to life with our vision…. A powerfully psychological process including teachings on the five cycles of change, the shadow, sacred mandala art and deep process. A 1st & 2nd dimensional journey clearing the collective field and unite with deeper aspects of our own shadow,
“Magdalene Mysteries: Anointing Our Sexual Journeys”
As each of us are powerfully received with our sexual stories, we create a temple space where anointing and healing re-consecrate us. A 2nd chakra clearing of the collective field to connect and open our personal Heart.
“Moneta Mysteries: Money Journeys and Manifestation
We explore and discover our own core issues around manifestation and create personal magic for each other. Connecting the 1st, 2nd & 3rdchakras to the higher dimensional codes of what we are here to carry as our life purpose.

“Emergence of the Magdalene High Priestess”

We gather together to integrate our work together, tune into our contribution to the Magdalene Matrix and co-create mystery dramas and our Emergence Ceremony. We Emerge as Multi-Dimensional Shamanic Magdalenes!

Contact Anyaa to register 828-788-0773

a few recent testimonials from the 2016 Accelerated SMM circles:

“Everything about my Shamanic Magdalene Mysteries experience was perfect for me! The amount of material we covered was just right, and I appreciate having the resources list to deepen my learning and experience. I loved having such a small group, because that gave us such an expanse of time for walking, reading, processing, integrating, hot-tubbing, and just being. In the work, the amount of learning, speaking and listening, and doing experiential work felt very balanced for me. Having it at your beautiful home, with your excellent cooking and wonderful animals really put it over the top for me. You have set a whole new standard for retreat experiences! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

“Anyaa’s round house in the Smoky Mountains is an ideal place to experience the Magdalene process. It played its own part in facilitating the breakthroughs that Anyaa evoked in us. Through the windows of her spacious upstairs temple I saw cardinals darting among the dense trees, felt the wind come up in the afternoon, and watched thunderstorms roll in. When the weather was good, we ate on Anyaa’s patio among beautiful plantings, a hot tub, and bird feeders, her two cats keeping an eye on us and everything else that moved. When the weather was not so good, we congregated in her beautiful kitchen and family room. I enjoyed all the meals she offered—everything healthy and delicious—and was happy to help with preparation and cleanup because I learned new skills. For me, becoming a Magdalene meant facing what has stood in my way and seeing new and unfamiliar paths forward. Change is scary. Anyaa’s hospitality guaranteed that I was well fed, slept soundly, and had enough free time to deepen friendships and rest in solitude.”

“After completing the SPP, I felt like I had begun a journey of coming home to myself. It broke me open to receive tremendous growth within myself. And I didn’t want to stop. I wanted to learn more about myself, more about my processes, more about how I could grow and flourish as a women in this world. The Shamanic Magdalene Mysteries offered me the opportunity to do just that. By exploring myself even more deeply and intimately, I feel another wave of deep and profound change inside, where it counts the most. I am deeply grateful for Anyaa and her guidance and commitment to women’s work! Because of the processes we engaged during the SMM, I have so much material to work with to continue work on my own, and I feel more empowered and able to do it. I am deeply grateful to you, Anyaa, for everything you have done for and with me and what you have shown me about myself. Many blessings to you!”

What past participants of the Shamanic Magdalane Mysteries have had to say:

“The Shamanic Priestess Process preceded a series of initiatory and planetary cycles that, for me, culminated in the Magdalene. I feel as if the SMAGs process completed one of those cycles. I feel much more settled, loving and clear in a very stable way than I have since beginning the SPP. I was always going to do the Magdalene process, from the very beginning of the SPP I knew that.
Anyaa is such a amazing facilitator. She is so capable of holding space in a loving, healthy way for us/women as we go through our SPP cycles from Initiation through Shadow and Emergence. She isn’t easily rattled and has a great knack for calling the things that need to be looked at into the light.
Thank you for having me be a part of this last SMAGs circle for you at Isis Cove!”

“When I completed the Shamanic Priestess Process and Emerged, it was just so big for me.  I had a really deep sense of completion at that time around it. It seemed to me that the Magdalene Process was optional work and I was uncertain whether it was really right for me.  I could find a lot of reasons to stop there and not jump in.  BOY WAS I WRONG!

After just completing the Magdalene Process – I am totally blown away! The vibration of being together with other women who had already gone through the SPP was palpable, gentle and centered – and so joyful!   But the depth of the work we did together and how each of us transformed even further was so powerful to experience!  I could not have imagined, and I can’t even fully describe it in words – but I feel it.

Once I made that commitment to myself and my circle – I went to places and broke through blocks that I didn’t even know were there. IT JUST FLOWED – once I stepped forward and took the risk to dive in.  I have so many beautiful memories and so much MORE to move forward with, in my souls work in the world, than I ever would have imagined.”

“I am so blown away at how amazing this Magdalene Process is! I love your 10-dimensional meditations, the Magdalene audio recordings, all of the big and little pieces you’ve added in here and there. It is so rich and filled with so many precious gems! Between your amazing skills with people, your big heart, your expertise… and the incredible program you’re presenting with us… this is truly a Goddess-send! I feel incredibly blessed to be experiencing this, especially here in BC/Canada.

Thank you kindly for all of your hard work, the labor, the traveling, to get this vital information and experience to women ready for the call! Thank you for your commitment to ending patriarchy, by reminding women how truly powerful they really are. So that we can all bring the Divine Feminine back into the world, based on our own personal inspiration. ”

“My experience of the Magdalene Process was life changing.  Through it, I was able to heal a pattern that I’ve held for most of my life. Instead of holding my breath and waiting for the next shoe to drop, I feel like I can breathe again.  I got to call back my power, my voice, my inner knowing, self-referencing, inner authority and the full passionate juiciness of being alive.  Anyaa was relentless in her support of our circle through this profound journey. Her deep wisdom and proficient leadership made this process both possible and amazing for me.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

“I have such deep gratitude for you.  I am grateful for your courage, for I know the pioneers’ job is never an easy one.  I am grateful for your clarity, grace and focus, for you have given me a standard I aspire to.  I am grateful for your passion and the Gift of the Priestess Process and this Magdalene Circle that it has brought to me.   I am grateful for the safety you have provided me for that has allowed me dare to risk and to grow in ways I could never have imagined.  Thank You”