Anyaa McAndrew, MA, LPC, NCC, Ordained Priestess

What an amazing time to be alive! What is occurring on the planet these days is moving us at lightening speed. Can you feel it? Depending upon who you talk to, listen to, and read, you may feel depression, anguish, grief, anger, hope, inspiration, and upliftment all in the same day, or even in the same hour! Are we all becoming bi-polar, or is something else happening?  We are collectively finding ourselves faced with some of the most difficult situations, circumstances, challenges and patterns, depending upon what it is we need to move us into a place of surrender. For me personally, some days life is magical and grace-filled, and some are filled with complete disillusionment and frustration.

Would it make a difference if you knew that every day you are living the equivalent of 274 days? That every month you are living the equivalent of 8,000 years? The Pleiadians, keepers of the 5th Dimension, and through teachers like Barbara Marciniak and Barbara Hand Clow, tell us we are now moving at a frequency of 100,000 years per year! We are clearly at the Great Shift, the Turning of the Ages, the Collapse, the Planetary Dark Night of the Soul, the end of Patriarchy and the Mayan Calendar, and the end of time as we know it. We are also in a process of Ascension, moving into Unity Consciousness, and birthing a New Earth. That is a lot to hold spiritually, as tiny 3-D beings.  We are asked to do just that, to hold this vast terrain of consciousness within our consciousness, to hold the tension of the opposites, so that we can come all the way through these times into a new world on the other side. The more beings that have eyes to see, and ears to hear what is happening, the closer we get to the Tipping Point that gives us the momentum we need for the ride through to the other side. And what a ride it is!


Graphic by Prescott Hill

Sometimes I imagine that I am in a room filled with clocks and calendars. There are sundials, and grandfather clocks and pyramid calendars, alarms, timers, astrological wheels, and dates of all kinds floating around in this room. All of the clocks are going off at the same time and the calendars are all marked with intersecting dates and timings. The sense I get in this imaginary room is that I am here for a reason, a really important reason, and I am a part of this Great Timing. I have a part to play, and so do many others who are here with me or come and go from this place as I do.  I and We, are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For, but not quite as simply as it sounds. The We is bigger than our egos, or even our soul’s plan. Our bigger multi-dimensional Selves are here with us and they have all signed up together for this Divine Appointment. What a party!

If Gaia is birthing into a new dimension, then I am going with her. Unity Consciousness implies that we are all in this together, aren’t we? Another way I imagine these times is that we are traversing a very narrow passageway as a Planetary Being, like going through the black hole that so many talk about at the center of our galaxy, the place where the Winter Solstice Sun has been rising for the past several years. In order to move through such a dangerous passageway, we must deconstruct, purify, dissolve, surrender and totally trust the Great Spirit. I imagine it getting very dark in some of our lives and on the planet as we move through this collective Dark Night of the Soul. On the other side is the Great Unknowable Mystery of a New Time on Planet Earth.

The Truth is, none of us knows what the future holds. Those who say they do, are just projecting one of many possible scenarios that are reflected back to us: good guesses and calculated scientific possibilities all the way to ancient prophecies and present channelings. Will we experience more earth changes, solar flares, a polar shift, 3 days of darkness, ETs walking among us, or Mother Earth continuing to give us really clear messages that she will no longer tolerate the rape of her land and the destruction of her species? As a woman of consciousness, perhaps a woman who carries the priestess vibration, what do you intuit about these times? Do you know that you are here for a good reason? Your life purpose has called you here. You have a front row seat in this theatre of Great Change. You have a place on the wheel of time as it ends, and then we start anew.

The calling to the Feminine is very loud these days. One of my favorite teachers, Lucia Rene, says that the Patriarchy has already been unplugged and now is the time for women to stop running away from what scares us. It is the time for us to step into our personal power, and our spiritual authority. Lucia calls this the Solar Feminine, the One who will step into leadership through feminine values like Economies of Care, Networks of Grace, and Communities of Compassion.

The Shamanic Priestess is one who understands that to die and be reborn many times in one lifetime is the hallmark of these times. She is a being who has walked on the edge and lived to tell about it. She is learning to confront her fears, to move her past through her, to a place of peaceful resolution, and to help others do the same. She knows the value of priestessing others. She sees and feels the pain and suffering in the world, and practices transmuting and blessing as much as she can, so that all of life on earth can shift. And she is the woman who knows she is Sacred and that everything she sees and everything she does can be Sacred. Making Sacred is also to bless, to sanctify, to honor, and give thanks for all the life forms that are leaving us, including many of those close to us, including people, animals, land masses, the great oceans, the rainforests and plant life, and all the old patterns that no longer serve us. The Sacred Woman has done this through the ages. She understands that these times call for ritual and ceremony because we are going through the biggest Rite of Passage this planet has ever known!

The Shamanic Priestess is also learning to be a midwife to what wants to come into life. She downloads the light, radiates compassion and love, and tells the truth, to shine on what we all really want to co-create. She learns to draw on the ancient wisdom in her DNA, in her bones, in her lineage as a sacred woman from the past, to inspire and enliven the new visions. Some call these codes of light that are now being activated by the intense astronomical activity happening on our planet. I feel it as subtle knowings that I am shifting my perceptions and things that used to be important to me are falling away. Time is speeding up and my consciousness seems to amp up, and I want to slow way down. I want to savor every moment and live in the NOW, not the future or the past. The teacher of my lineage Nicole Christine used to say “The Hopis tell us that when the world speeds up, slow down.”

We are slowing down so that we can really feel all the ways we exist in every dimension, every space and time, to merge in this time, the end of time, into a new way of being.

This article is written to be a call to the Shamanic Priestess, because her time is NOW.

If you have an inner priestess that wants to come forth into the world of the Shift, now is the time. If you already claim yourself as priestess, then you know the value of holding the field for others, because others already come to you for counsel. You are not afraid of your power and you feel it is part of your Sacred Work to serve in these times. You are in good company with thousands of other women on the planet who are waking up to the Priestess Within.