New Client Referral Program for You!

I have never had a referral program, but lately I have been getting unsolicited praise for my past work, from priestesses, students, and clients. I am deeply honored, and as many practitioners will say, the best feedback is a referral. Whether you refer someone (for the first time) for a personal intensive, a Shamanic Astrology reading, or therapeutic consultation, I am offering a 10% referral fee back to you. You can receive it in actual money or towards a service with me, that’s up to you. Just tell your friend or client to let me know you referred them, and I will contact you, or you can contact me and let me know they have been referred by you. I don’t want to create some kind of complicated system to keep track of, so for now this is the simplest way I can think of to offer this service. And thank you, I am grateful for your faith in me!