Payment Options & Cancellation Policies

Overview of payments for workshops, weekends, processes, sessions and services

    $275 pre-paid ($282 if paid by PayPal if I pay the fees) or $50 per each of 6 class ($52.00 if paid by PayPal and I pay the fees) NOTE: You are responsible for all classes whether you attend them or not, recordings are provided.


FULL NATAL CHART $260 (1.5 hrs)
UPDATE $170 (1 hour)
COUPLES NATAL $530 (3 hours in separate readings for both, and then together)
  • Phone sessions and miscellaneous sessions $150 per hour

(Some Insurance may apply)

  • Deposits and Payments for Processes, Excursions and Retreats                                                                                                                                (see individual fees and tuitions on this website)                                                                                                                                                      
  • General Cancellation Policy (unless specified on individual programs and processes):    
  • No refunds are available 45 days from the start of a program or process
  • Fees may sometimes be applied to another service, program or process, at the discretion of the facilitators
  • Fees may sometimes be gifted by the cancelling participant to another participant, at the discretion of the facilitators
  • Fees may sometimes be deposited in a scholarship fund to supplement the tuition of a participant in need, at the discretion fo the facilitator