Audio Talks with Anyaa

Listen to the 33-minute audio preview of the Priestess Initiation Journey in Southern France and Egypt with Anyaa & Jasmeen!

Anyaa being interviewed by Vancouver Priestess Candise Soaring Butterfly about the Solar Feminine

BlogTalk Radio 3-21-13


Anyaa talking about the Priestess Archetype

To hear this 2-minute audio,  Anyaa on the Priestess Archetype from Priestess Within: Your Direct Divine Connection, click here


Priestess Within: Your Direct Divine Connection

The Priestess archetype teaches you to become the empty vessel, the chalice, the hollow bone. From this inner state of receptivity, you bring forth the subtle vibrations of divinity. As a priestess in these times, you connect to the Earth as your Living Temple and come to know that by simply living your life you are performing a sacred act. The Priestess Within by Nicole Christine, Anyaa McAndrew and Lisa Michaels is a tremendous tool to assist you in opening and deepening your direct connection to the divine.

Anyaa at the South East Women’s Herbal Conference 2012

Sacred Purpose in Relationship: A two-part download (it will take a bit of time depending on your ISP. Please be patient: It’s worth it!)

Sacred Purpose in Relationship

Plan BE – The Natural Link Between Sexuality and Spirituality:

The Vortex Network 2008

Host Terry Hinkle, the author of: Plan BE, will be talks with special guest Anyaa McAndrew about the natural link between our Sexuality and our Spirituality. Anyaa explains how everyone can awaken, unblock, heal, and transmute the life-giving, creative Energy we call ‘sexual’. Together, we will all learn how to better understand the Sexual/Spiritual Universal Truths.

Listen at blogtalkradio online here

From Sexual Wound to Sexual Wonder 2008

Did you know that 40% of our population was raised in families that were severely emotionally, physically, or sexually abusive? That’s practically every other person denigrated, touched, neglected, or molested in ways that have left Inner Scars.

Given those statistics, it makes sense to acquire ongoing healing, training, compassion, and personal development such that we can contribute in the healing of one another. Yes?

In this episode of Sex: Tantra & Kama Sutra, with host Francesca Gentille, Anyaa unveils the sexual map from cultural wounding to intimaste wonder. From her life journey as juvenile probation officer and rape counselor in Central Illinois to a Shamaness and Priestess of healing. She shares with us keys to shamanic healing such as invocation, ceremony, and setting intention for the highest good of all beings. Learn how to find the male and the female sacred spot. Deepen into what creates a healing climate of safety for you and your beloved. Explore how to bring your lover back to their body, their pleasure and their ground of being.