Choosing Freedom: Akashic Record Workshop

She’s coming back! My favorite Akashic Record Priestess Tamalla Mallet (well, she’s actually the only one I know but she’s still my favorite) is coming back to my temple April 14th, 15th and 16th to do another Choosing Freedom clearing workshop. This is not to be missed! Please check out the video below, read, check in with your soul and join us! I will have a few spaces at my home available for lodging and if I am full, I can find you lodging in the community. Or, commute from your home. Healthy lunches will be served for $13 per day, or you can bring your own.

Check out this video that will give you a good overview of the 3-day workshop.

Registration is very limited, so register soon!


Hello Divine Souls!

Now is the time to register for the
April 14 – 16, 2017
Choosing Freedom Workshop!

Check out the video for all the exciting details. The video contains information on What this Workshop is about, Who it is for, How we address your mind, body and spirit in the Workshop and more.

We only have 18 Slots and this is the last Choosing Freedom Workshop we have scheduled for 2017 so you do not want to miss it!

If you know of anyone who could benefit from finally releasing those blocks that are keeping them from creating the life and experiences they want then please, please, please share this email RIGHT NOW. Don’t let them miss out on this opportunity to really change their lives, forever!

If you want to see more feedback from other attendees, check it out here:

The Workshop will be at Anyaa’s Temple – The Full Moon Sanctuary of Venus Rising!

If you wanted to attend in December at Anyaa’s Temple or in February in the Atlanta area but you just couldn’t make it or if you needed a 2 payment option then sign up right now!

YES, that is right – there is a 2 payment option available for a short time so don’t miss it!

Click Here To Read More and Register:

Choosing Freedom Workshop