The Gift of Living Your Integration by Anyaa T McAndrew

Posted on Saturday 10 June 2017

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Most of us are pretty familiar with the idea of living our lives holistically. We know that it is essential to pay attention to every level of being including body, emotions, mind and spirit. If we know how we are operating from each of those places we can also sense where we have imbalances. Finding the places that are under-developed help us tune into strategies for strengthening those places, and calming down the parts that are over-developed. Typically, humans are over-developed mentally and under-developed physically, emotionally and spiritually. We tend to walk around with a lot of mental static, as if our head is saying, “I’m in charge, I’m in charge, I’m in charge, while we over-ride our physical needs, For example, when was the last time you got up from your desk to empty your bladder, get a snack or move your limbs? Emotionally, we tend to repress, deny and project our emotions so that either our bodies or our relationships take the brunt.  Spiritually, we forget our connection with our Source, forget that we are here for a bigger purpose, and get caught up in 3-dimensional reality to the exclusion of spiritual reflection and inspiration.

As a budding transpersonal therapist in the 90’s, we called it transpersonal living; we recognized that we were more than our personalities and subpersonalities. When we were able to see the bigger picture of a transcendent reality, all the pieces fell together. When we identify and work with the inside “committee”, the many subpersonalities that make up our psyche, we have a much better idea of who we really are and what each part of us wants. An extreme of this inner state would be dissociative disorder, which used to be called multiple personality disorder. But the truth is that each of us is a multiple, in the sense that we have an inner feminine, masculine, matriarch, patriarch, critic, several inner children, including toddlers, rebellious and compliant versions of teenagers, and those who have been wounded at various stages of our lives. This is just a smattering of our inner selves. The better we know who is inside through dreams, journaling, inner work, and personal reflection, the better we know ourselves. I find it helpful to know who the primary committee of 6-9 of us is that runs the show, their qualities, needs, wounds and strengths. This gives the hostess or host of this inner menagerie (us) a pretty good lay of the land and answers to lots of reasons why we do what they do, and believe what we believe. There’s a great peace that comes when everyone has been heard. Then we can open to perceiving the inner guides and Higher Selves who have another more transpersonal agenda to promote, the agenda of the soul.

In the late 90’s into early the early 2000’s, I brought in the shamanic perspective on wholeness; approaching life as a series of initiations for the soul, including all the dark nights, the soul-loss from past traumas, and the deaths and re-births that inevitably happen with a lifetime. I had already discovered that altered states of consciousness, like breathwork, trance-dance, hypnosis, and focused regression were powerful ways to integrate all parts of the self. Shamanic consciousness teaches us that we live in different realms and dimensions at different times, but that all of these are essential to our wholeness. The whole point is to get to a more expanded perspective on life, which may come from an animal ally, an angel, or a departed ancestor. From these expanded states of consciousness, to which we can return again and again after we inevitably fall off our path, we can find the meaning and purpose for living a life of grace, ease and balance.

Now there is a calling for us to go further, because to co-create the kind of world we all want to live in, we must be whole, healed and integrated. The times we live in are more complex than ever. The old spiritual dictate “know thyself” is of highest priority in these transformational times.

We are all multiple personalities and subpersonalities. Our inner world is made up of many voices, desires, wants and needs that must be tended to or else. We each have an inner feminine, masculine, matriarch, patriarch, critic, several inner children, including toddlers, rebellious and compliant versions of teenagers, and those who have been wounded at various stages of our lives. It’s  amazing how unique and at odds with each other they can be! When they are not “all together” around our intentions, decisions and actions, we suffer. The suffering can include inner sabotage that results in having to go back and learn lessons over and over again, or it can be as extreme as anxiety, addictions, dysfunctional relationships, depression and illness.

There are lots of tools to help us identify our inner selves. One of my favorite methods is Voice Dialogue, the work of Hal and Sidra Stone. Another is Alchemical Hypnotherapy, the work of David Quigley. Gestalt Therapy, Psychosynthesis, Family Systems Therapy and any kind parts therapy, or work with our inner selves can be a place to start. We can also learn who is inside through our dreams, journaling, and personal reflection. Any of these methods will help us understand what all or our “selves” need from us to do their job in our lives, and assist us in coming to conscious, integrated decisions with everyone on board. It’s incredibly helpful to know who the primary committee of six to nine of us is that runs the show, their qualities, beliefs, needs, wounds and strengths, and then to work with them towards cooperation, collaboration and unity.

There’s a great peace that comes when everyone has been heard. It’s easier to open to the inner guides and Higher Selves who have another agenda to promote, that of the soul. May you be inspired to return to an favorite old way of “self” discovery, or find a new way that serves all of you, even better. May you accept all of your “selves”, with the inner compassion that leads to living with grace, ease and balance.

I am grateful for all the ways we have available to look at ourselves, accept all of ourselves, and live life with integration. May you be reminded or inspired to return to a favorite old way or find a new way that serves you in this moment of your life journey!


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Because Life IS Ceremony: Bridging Spirit and Physical Reality by Anyaa T. McAndrew

Posted on Sunday 19 February 2017

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Ceremony gives us the opportunity to celebrate our life passages so that they are fully grounded and integrated within us. Life is ceremony if it creates a bridge between the spirit or soul and our physical reality. When we use our minds creatively to construct the perfect ceremony, with all the appropriate preparation, prayers, symbolic objects, place, and people, all aspects of us come together in a unified field of consciousness that feels fullling and gives just the right expression to our intention. Then our consciousness is uplifted, and we are different. The ceremony has done what it was intended to do.

Marriage ceremonies are perhaps the best example of the kind of ceremony we humans really enjoy. We publicly proclaim our commitment to another, accompanied by lavish beauty and spiritual or religious rituals. It does not matter how many times we have been married in the past, we will embrace the opportunity to do it again in front of new friends.

Anyone can create a ceremony. Some of us enjoy orchestrating them, others like to participate, and still others prefer to witness, an essential role because witnesses hold an energetic container that frames a ceremony and gives it substance. Ceremonies
can be as small as one person or as many as space can accommodate. Is the ceremony for yourself, and if so, do you want witnesses, or is the ceremony for a larger group or even the planet? Tune into what and who is right for you.

The first step for a creator of ceremony is to know your Intention. Why are you doing ceremony? When you can name your intention out loud, the reason for coming together, you have begun the process. The second step is Invocation. This is where you call on beneficial powers and forces greater than yourself to assist. Often evoked are nature and the elements, animal totems, the directions, spiritual dimensions, and Spirit. They are waiting to be asked and love participating with human life. Always ask for the highest and best energies, and the highest and best for all beings involved in the ceremony, so that rogue energies don’t come in uninvited! The next step is to perform the body of the ceremony. This can be accompanied by music, song, instruments, readings, dancing, acting out roles, special prayers, using sacred objects, and working with fire, incense, herbs, oils, and water.


Ceremonies are as varied as our imagination. It is essential to keep the energy and vitality of a ceremony uplifted, so that our own spirits and the spirits we invoked stay with us. When the body of the ceremony is nished, a closing that acknowledges and offers gratitude to every person, spirit, and element that participated brings in the feeling that all is complete and good. And last, the nal celebration may include a feast, party, dancing, and merriment to round out the experience and bring in sensual pleasure.

Ceremonies can honor life passages like puberty, adulthood, motherhood, elderhood, signi cant birthdays, marriage, divorce, birth and death. There are also more spiritual types like sweat lodge, re-walk, an initiation, a priest/ess emergence, ordination, sacred union (within ourselves), even a relationship completion or forgiveness ceremony. If you have not included a ceremony in your life recently, seek one out or create your own. The spirits will thank you, and the spiritual part of you will feel fed and honored.

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Beyond the Fur: Discover the Hidden Keys to Understanding Your Animals’ Behavior and Physical Issues

Posted on Thursday 20 October 2016


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Walking as a WiseWoman by Anyaa T McAndrew

Posted on Monday 25 July 2016

There is a Karen Taylor-Good song that we use in the Shamanic Priestess Process™ called Use Me Up, that goes like this: “ When I meet my maker and my time on earth is done, when I stand before Her (word change mine) looking back on where I’ve come, I can only pray that with Her grace and love, She will say,” I used you up”. Use me up, let me give everything I am, pour out my heart and soul according to your plan. Use me up, let there be nothing of me left, no chance to love untaken, not one regret.”

As we move into the 2nd half or even the last 3rd or 4th of our lives, seasoned women of consciousness, what I am calling The Shamanic WiseWoman, know that time is now precious to give our remaining gifts to the world, to “use up” our time here fulfilling our purpose, telling our stories and leaving our own unique legacy. Our spice and seasoning  comes from years of hard knocks, tough lessons, and dark nights of the soul, and as equally from the joyful celebrations, pleasures and adventures of our lives.

We are intended to honor the gifts we have already given, and the thresholds already crossed, so that we can gain the energy to renew ourselves again and again. In the holy spaces we can create together as sacred women, we can rise from the ashes of old wounds and old ways, and consecrate our lives toward new ways of offering ourselves in service to our world which can so greatly benefit from our wisdom.

I am thoroughly enjoying walking as a WiseWoman these days, but that was not so until recently. I have been an eternal youth most of my life, choosing not to have children and instead focus on my sacred work and my “freedom” to be eccentric and forge new trails. I have been discovering new facets of myself as I embrace my wisdom and care less about self-image, accomplishment and achievement. Through all the twists and turns of my life, I have indeed cultivated the mother energy within me. Now she is becoming the grandmother! I am also discovering a new kind of spiritual sensitivity, a profound connection to the animal kingdom, and a deepening connection to my own inner mate.

These revelations were not available to me in younger versions of self.  I am able to be more present-centered, less distracted by the glamours of the world, as I drop into the last cycles of my life. I no longer have goals, because I want to follow more of what inspires me and less of what drives me.  Because I encounter it more often, I am drawn to explore the mysteries of death these days, and I look forward to doing this with a strong circle of strong women.

Are you eager to engage your own inner WiseWoman?  Do you savor the experience of a women’s circle?  Are you willing to ceremonially integrate your life lessons so far?  Are you ready to concentrate your life force on your sacred soul purpose, even as you move toward befriending the death mysteries?

We (Mary Manera, me, and Jacoba Groenwegen) completed our first session October 19th-23th at Isis Cove Community NC, as the Smoky Mountains were on fire with autumn color. For those who could not make the October session, we will repeat this first session in Cincinatti Feb 23-26th, 2017. Then we will form a committed circle to go forward to the Cincinnati in late April and complete in late June. An application process ensures you are resonate with where we are going, and you will be a huge part of the evolution of the Shamanic WiseWoman Process™.

Visit this page for more detail:

Shamanic WiseWoman Process: Path of the Sacred Feminine Elder

McAndrew, MA, LPC, NCC is an Ordained High Priestess, and a congregational leader of Full Moon Sanctuary. She is dedicated to the path of the Divine Feminine, facilitating women’s awakening and empowerment for the past 40 years. She is the creatrix of the Shamanic Priestess Process, the Shamanic Magdalane Mysteries and retreats, workshops and processes for women. For more, visit

Honoring the Ancient Stone Circles

Posted on Tuesday 30 June 2015

A Final Call to Join Us at Avebury/Stonehenge and Crop Circles in England, August 5-12, 2015
by Daniel Giamario

Avebury Henge - photo by David Iliff

Avebury Henge – photo by David Iliff

The collaborative team of Daniel Giamario, co-founder of the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School and the creator of the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm, and Anyaa McAndrew, of Full Moon Sanctuary, will facilitate another adventure celebrating the Renaissance of the Sacred Feminine.  Following their successful journey to Scotland and the Callanish Stones last year (with Nita Gage), Anyaa and Daniel are now exploring Stonehenge, the Avebury Stone Rings and Rows, Silbury Hill, and the West Kennet Long Barrow.

Our group will be held at a country estate hotel near Swindon England, located quite near to Avebury and Stonehenge.  At the time of this writing, the event is only weeks away and there is still room for you to join us!  Register for the event here! Any additional participants will be able to have their own private room at no extra cost.  Also, three meals a day are included in the price.

Some reasons to consider joining us:
(Continue reading…)

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