Gloria Steinem: We Are Not Done! by Anyaa McAndrew

Posted on Monday 10 March 2014


Gloria Steinem spoke at Western Carolina University on Thursday, March 6.

I had the honor of attending a lecture at Western Carolina University here in my mountains of North Carolina…a remote place for sure to see Gloria Steinem speak! But, what an amazing opportunity it was. Gloria turns 80 in a few weeks. Dressed in a simple black jumpsuit that belied a tall slim figure, hair tied back in a braid,  there was little sign of alteration to Gloria’s natural beauty other than a few gray roots in her reddish hair. She was her usual straightforward self, admitting to us that although she was asked to speak about the changes she saw from the 60’s till now, she did not tend to look to the past, but lived in the future. So, getting this opportunity to compare her view from here to back there, she spoke a version of her famous quote:  “The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off!” She confirmed that there were lots of things to piss us off these days, the condition of women’s rights in the U.S. and in the world on top of the list. Gloria feels we have made only incremental changes, and if we invested in women the way that we invested in bailing out banks and corporations, the return on that investment would have been all the economic stimulus we would need.  Women don’t tend to put their money in Swiss bank accounts, but to spend it for the good of their families and communities. “It is more rewarding to watch money change the world than to watch it accumulate.”

We tend to think that feminism is old-school, over, done, passe’, but the truth is that we are just getting started. As long as there is racism, discrimination, reproductive coercion and repression, class-ism, heterosexism, and patriarchy, there has to be feminism, says Gloria, because it is all just imperialism towards one group or another. The core abuse is towards women, because as long as abuse and violence towards women is tolerated, every other form of abuse will be tolerated as well. We have made little progress in the 47 years since the 60’s, because the God we worship still looks like the ruling class, and that means we are still in deep trouble. Gloria said many times in her talk that there is nothing wrong with the majority, and that most of us are aligned with women’s economic and reproductive freedom. The issue is with the 1% who still holds onto the power over. The old boy network is still in charge and has in fact taken over many states. We must stand together to shadow our state legislators, demand fair voting districting, and do our part to stay as aware, active, and attentive as we can every day. The empowerment of women is still ridiculed and it is still threatening to the 1%. We can continue to stand up and speak out. As Gloria says: “Women may be the one group that grows more radical with age.”

And, I love Gloria’s definition of feminism: “A feminist is anyone who recognizes the equality and full humanity of women and men.”

Enjoy this very entertaining and moving TED talk by Isabel Allende from 2007: It all still rings true-true today in this time where our greatest hope is that the patriarchy will have a good death…..soon, and that women can finally come out of the shadows and into the sun of a new day on this precious and abused (feminine) planet.

March is Women’s History Month  






Moving the Feminine into the New Sensual~Sexual Story

Posted on Tuesday 5 March 2013

By Anyaa McAndrew & Sahara Exodus

There appears to be a variety of ways that we are living our lives in 2013. I received a newsletter from a spiritual teacher a few weeks ago that really spelled it out for me. Some of us are busily living the old story, some of us are busy finishing up writing the old story, some are in the Sacred Pause, some of us have begun to catch & ride the Co-Creative Wave, and some of us are actually writing the New Story.

When it comes to women and our body images, our sensuality, our ability & willingness  to receive pleasure in our bodies, and our sexuality, the New Story is directly connected to the Divine Feminine within us. If we can relate to the Great Mother, to Gaia, the Goddess in any way, shape or form, we may have a better chance at getting to the New Story. The old stories are really old, ancient in fact. We have been victims of violence, war, poverty and discrimination for 5,000 years. The V-day “One Billion Rising” to mitigate violence against women and girls that happened worldwide on February 14th, 2013 was probably the largest event of its kind ever. (Continue reading…)

Moving the Feminine into the New Story by Anyaa

Posted on Monday 7 January 2013

Happy New Year, everyone! I took 22 days off this early winter, from 12-21 through January 2nd, 2013. I meditated and slept and wandered around my house, experimenting with new recipes and did whatever felt right in the moment. Now I am back to my Sacred Work and assessing all that has taken place for me, and Gaia, and humanity.

We made it through the Shift, and what I am noticing is a core of joy, and a deeper resonating resolve inside me to move into these next years with grace, ease and a true desire to be here. That was not the case for me early last year. I was feeling tired, complete, and a strong sense that I had done all I could do, served as best I could, and I was wanting to be complete with 3-D reality!  I have spent a lifetime working with the feminine wound: that deep place of self-loathing, self-depreciation, low self-esteem, poor body-image, difficulty receiving, co-dependance, emotional chaos, persecution, rescuing and victimization along with an array of symptoms that we have carried as women for the last 5,000 years. (Continue reading…)

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Taking the Masculine off the Cross by Anyaa McAndrew and Babadez Nichols

Posted on Friday 30 March 2012

It is generally true that women are about 15 years ahead of men in terms of their psycho-emotional-spiritual development. Most men are just not well-equipped to deal with the depth and complexity of women. Experts like David Deida, teacher of the yoga of intimacy, say that “most men are just plain clueless about women and relationship”. Many powerful women are often disappointed that they are not able to attract men who are evolved enough to keep their attention for more than 2 dates. (Continue reading…)

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Shifting with the Perennial Principles: Truth, Beauty and Goodness by Anyaa T. McAndrew

Posted on Friday 30 September 2011

My husband Gary & I were talking about what kind of winter we want to experience, and then we pulled the card Abundance, 3 of cups. We discussed how that meant to us that we were to practice more appreciation and express our love to each other more often. Goodness, Goddess, Love, Light….are all the same thing to me. I need Goodness to have a reason to live. They are a basic requirement to move through a winter where Gaia is birthing and the world as we have known it is shattering. 

I watched a short video tonite featuring an amazing song called “Creation Calls” and footage from the Planet Earth: Complete BBC Series. It was some of the most beautiful mother nature probably ever photographed. Beauty. How can we live without it and stay sane? I have never purchased a song from a Christian singers’ album, but I downloaded that beautifully arranged piece. The song calls me to honor heaven and earth and the intense human journey we are walking between them right now. Check it out at 

Gary & I are hosting Conscious Transition community meetings in our Full Moon Sanctuary here in the mountains. We come together every few weeks or so and talk about how we are feeling, what we are doing to prepare, and what we believe about this Great Turning that we are in. That’s Truth. We seem to need to speak it aloud and express ourselves to feel connected. I noticed something really wonderful happening at our last meeting. The more we moved around the circle and the more personal truth was spoken, the more we all affirmed it in each other and spoke more of it. By the time we ended the meeting, everyone was filled with joy and enthusiasm.

Truth, Beauty and Goodness (Light, Love) seem to engender each other these days, They are bringing people together in ways that has perhaps never happened before, at least on this scale. If you cruise the internet, if you read your emails, if you talk to your people, you will find it, that is, if you are willing to move through your fears and see what is really happening on all levels.

On a physical level, we are hearing about the immanent collapse of the world monetary system, the violence, the people rising up and saying NO, the patriarchy striking back but still being challenged and exposed, the inept governments and silly politics. It’s trufascinating to witness the chaos and how it is all unraveling. On the other side the amazing inventions, ideas and potentials are staggering. I heard an interview last week with Benjamin Fulford and he encouraged us to take faith that the darkness this planet has seen for so long is indeed changing. Soon we may be able to actually invent and create the designs that have been suppressed for so long by the power elite. These days I am not even bothering to capitalize that term power elite as I have in the past. They are an outgoing ruling party all over the world.

Emotionally, the collective is breaking down and many are breaking through. Many of those I talk with express a very strong knowing that now is the time to work through our past and let it go. As my priestess sister Grandmother Ruth Anne says “We don’t need it anymore! I exist right here and right now”. As we complete a 16.4 billion year time wave, the past is in the way of our next step. So, many of us are participating in all kinds of processing work including Shamanic BreathworkTM, couple’s work, forgiveness work, recovery work, whatever works to gets us through the places where there is emotional stick-um. We really can get to a place where we feel good in our own skin, and in some kind of balance with enough truth, enough beauty and enough goodness.

Spiritually, the teachers and healers and celestial sourcers are giving us a mixed bag, but the same essential message. This is humanity’s butterfly moment! This is the time we have been waiting for and we are the Ones.  It is time to become multi-dimensional, loving, spirit-centered without letting religion get in the way, and with an Indigenous Spirit… trusting, open, wise, surrendered and  in love with the Earth. There are many messages about the civilizations here with us, assisting us behind the scenes and those of us who feel connected to the stars being called forward to help. If you are spiritually connected to what is happening, it seems that you are not only happily along for the ride, but ready to assist Mother Earth in her labor. As I am, you may be in awe of what is unfolding before our very eyes, because it is us!

This is the ride of our lives, of lifetimes, and we can choose to go through it kicking and screaming or with grace. It may not be easy at times, but if we can say yes to it, and feel gratitude and appreciation for the learnings, the many, many souls that are riding with us and those unseen realms that are assisting, we can be sure to be in the right place at the right time having just the right experience for our own leap in consciousness.

I myself am choosing to go through it with plenty of Truth; my eyes wide open in bearing witness to the suffering so that those who are suffering do not feel abandoned but blessed. I choose to help put an end to any suffering that I can influence, even if I simply imagine standing and watching on the inner planes. At the same time I choose to invest my witnessing in creating the new world, the promised birth into a new higher consciousness and thousands of years of peace, finally!

I have to have Beauty, too. To feel my own beauty, and the sensual beauty of nature and my four animals who along with the mountains, keep me connected to nature, is part of a daily experience that I ask for the Grace to never have to live without. I love really good healthy food, preparing it and enjoying it with my Beloved, my friends and my soul families. I cherish art and good music and lovemaking. A winter filled with friends and enjoyment of all kinds will deeply fulfill me.

And Goodness, Goddess, Love, Light  is the magnet that draws me forward in this transition. I get to learn how to vibrate faster, to open more fully to the celestial realms, to download more light and to express more love. When I slow down long enough I can feel the quickening, the intense energy that is coming through our atmosphere in the form of solar storms and comets and those energies I don’t have terms for. I feel and hear and see the Unity Consciousness that is taking root as hearts open, as my heart opens and we all collectively heal.

The leaves are turning in our Western North Carolina Mountains, and the view from my window affords me a daily panorama of Beauty. The Truth is that I can only live now and watch it unfold as I stay present with What Is. No one really knows what the future holds for any of us or for Earth. Great Mystery is in her finest hour. The Goodness calls me to seek the Light & Love of the Unseen Worlds and let it in.

May your Autumn be blessed with Truth, Beauty and Love.

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