OUR MOMENT OF TRANSFORMATION by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

Posted on Tuesday 7 October 2008

Changes are unfolding at warp speed, and it is critical that we all stay focused on the Light. Our thoughts, words, feelings and actions are powerful beyond our knowing. Remember, where our attention goes our energy flows. This is a profound Truth that we must now clearly comprehend.

There is a Divine Plan unfolding within the presidential elections in the United States of America. These are the most important elections we have ever faced due to the incredible things that will occur during the next few years. (Continue reading…)

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A Woman’s Worth by Goldie Taylor

Posted on Wednesday 1 October 2008

I have been a mother all of my adult life.  A single working mother. I put off dating, took menial jobs far beneath my qualifications and baked my share of ginger bread cookies for PTA Night, all so that three incredible children could have better. I chose their lives over mine.  I don’t have to tell you that it wasn’t easy. Unfortunately, my story, our story, is not

We slept in cars, bought groceries with food stamps and prayed for a better day.  When that wasn’t enough, I put myself through school at Emory University and took a part-time job as a staff writer at the Atlanta Journal Constitution.  That was over a decade ago.

Along the way, things got better. I’ve been an executive at two Fortune 500 companies and a practice director at two multinational public relations firms. Today, I own an advertising agency and I’ve authored two novels.  A third and fourth are on the way, God willing. All of this was possible because somebody laid a brick or two on the road for me. (Continue reading…)

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