Reclaiming Initiation: The Priestess Path by Anyaa McAndrew

Posted on Wednesday 21 May 2008

Patriarchy has emphasized initiations that focus on transcending the body to join with Spirit. These solar initiations include fire-walking, warrior sweat-lodges, the Sun Dance, meditations, some martial arts, and many forms of vision quests. They all use endurance and trance to reach out of the body and, thereby, elevate consciousness. As women, we have tried, and often succeeded, in using these methods to reach heightened states.
But now, as the Divine Feminine is returning to consciousness, the Priestess Archetype is also returning as Her entry portal. Lunar initiations, or those that call Spirit into the body, are most welcome.The Priestess is the embodiment of Goddess Consciousness. Psyche, or Soul, loves to be fully embodied, yet most of us center ourselves from our neck up. As we women reclaim our goddess natures, the true function of feeling feminine gets to play and be re-membered. Shakti dances into ecstatic bliss. Aphrodite revels in sacred sexual pleasure. Pele fully runs the life-force energy of fiery passion. Inanna consciously surrenders to the death-rebirth mysteries. Baubo laughs her bawdy belly laugh. Kuan Yin cries her tears of compassion for all living things while Gaia pours forth her infinite abundance.
Priestess consciousness allows the myriad faces of the Goddess to be soulfully expressed through the human woman as she steps into her spiritual power! (Continue reading…)

Anyaa McAndrew @ 5:52 pm
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