The Higher Energies by Karen Bishop

Posted on Sunday 16 March 2008

The purpose, desire and passion behind What’s Up On Planet Earth? is in bringing a higher level of evolutionary awareness to souls who are summoning this energy, and to connect and assist us during the now rapid ascension process many are experiencing.

The higher energies are relentless now, barely allowing us to take a breath in between all the manifestations, and moving us ahead at warp speed.
These new energies are placing us in higher realms reality, whether we are ready to go or not. Pulling us along, bringing to us incredible opportunities that we never might have imagined ourselves, and guiding us into the spaces of our divine and true purpose, we can barely keep up with it all.
Manifestations of these energies can be experienced as acute stress, overwhelm, total exhaustion, weakness, and brain overload. Having a normal phone conversation can drain us to the point of not being able to have one, and even lifting up our arms or moving our legs forward can feel like a major effort as our energy reserves are so depleted! We may sleep the sleep of the dead, and then wake up at 3:30 ready to go again, as we are so primed, excited, and ready for our new lives and realities to begin! (Continue reading…)

Anyaa McAndrew @ 10:03 pm
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