Walking between the Worlds: The Path of the Shamanic Priestess by Anyaa T. McAndrew

Posted on Wednesday 13 June 2007


Power is our sacred birthright, yet many of us have disowned it due to the destructive ways we have felt and witnessed its misuse on the planet. As women, we often view “power over” or warrior~achiever mentality as good enough reason to stay away from power. However, we walk very differently on an empowerment path when we are fully encouraged to be with our soul as the source of our power.
The soul itself is described as feminine by many. She is wild, willful, chaotic, earthy, sensual, sweet, empathic, merging, deeply emotional, passionate and compassionate. The soul could also be described as shamanic. She dives deep into the earth on her human journey, gathering jewels to take back to Spirit, which can be seen as masculine. The soul does not care about rules, dogma, or right and wrong, as she seeks pure experience through all the realms and layers of life in a body. The cycles of life and death, joy and sorrow, change and stability are the natural shamanic realms of the soul, and of the Feminine, once she is reconnected to her inner wisdom.
The priestess archetype is found in all religions throughout time, yet has been lost somewhere in our psyches for the past few thousand years. She is the vehicle through which the Divine Feminine, or the exiled Goddess, is returning to earth. Women everywhere are awakening to their Divine and Sacred selves, no matter what she is called. The priestess path is one vehicle for this return, while the shamanic path is another. Priestess consciousness teaches us to live our lives in a sacred way in service to the world, while shamanic consciousness teaches us about the natural cycles of death and rebirth, shadow and light, human and divine. Both show us how to embody both human and the divine through spiritual inititation and embracing transformation for the greater purpose of living our deepest and most powerful sacred purpose.
Now at the Turning of the Ages, when all wisdom is being resurrected, and we are re-integrating what was exiled in patriarchy, it all seems to fall into the same domain. Women’s mysteries, earth-based spirituality, sexuality, and the mysteries of death and rebirth all fell into a shadow or taboo realm in patriarchal times. The power of women is equal to the power of sexuality is equal to the power of the ancient mysteries schools that understood the ways of sacred power and life-force energy. (Continue reading…)

Anyaa McAndrew @ 1:49 pm
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