A Woman’s Exploration of Peace & War ©2007 by Lizbeth Clay

Posted on Friday 26 January 2007


For generations, we have been culturally bereft of embodied female wisdom and language that marries us to the Elemental Pulse of Life. Awareness of this wisdom would naturally allow us to become greater co-creators with the Elemental Forces that comprise Life and Self. The Body of woman and her Cycles contain keys to understanding this Elemental language. Woman is constantly immersed in the energetic Continuum of dissolution and creative reorganization. This Continuum is commonly referred to as the polarity of death and rebirth. Woman is capable of gestating, nurturing and birthing new life. She also menstruates, sloughing off unfertilized egg and tissue, actively partnering the Forces of dissolution to ready for another (re)generative cycle. Later in her life, as she moves into menopause, she enters yet another Threshold of consciousness that deepens her participation within the shape-shifting Continuum of dissolution and creative reorganization. This creative flux and pulse allows woman, in ever deepening measure, to re-conceive herSelf anew. Ultimately, as the stages of woman’s life are entered and embraced, her cyclic nature brings her to her full-blooming and embodied illumination. (Continue reading…)

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