Living the Divine Masculine

Posted on Monday 7 August 2006

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an interview with Shantam Nityama by Rebecca Walker

RW: Tell me a little bit about what you do and how you came into this work.

SN: I started out twenty years ago doing bodywork as a component of spiritual mentoring. Basically, I wanted to help people integrate what they knew spiritually into their everyday life. To have knowledge of a spiritual perspective and to implement that knowledge into your daily living are two completely different things. As people came to me for spiritual instruction, I began to realize most of them had deep repression that was not allowing them to accumulate the energy needed to develop spiritually. Each time I investigated the source of this stagnation, most of my discoveries revolved around the person’s sexuality and/or sexual energy channels. How the person is handled as a child or as a young adult around sex or sexuality related issues impacts them in their adulthood. As a young person the amount of shame, guilt, confusion, ignorance, and fear tied to the sexual energy was overwhelming. (Continue reading…)

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