Women’s Sexual Healing: From Feminism to the Divine Feminist by Anyaa McAndrew and Candy Hadsall

Posted on Tuesday 28 March 2006

We are priestesses. We are also feminists. In the 1970s and ’80s spirituality and feminism took separate paths. Subsequent changes have influenced us to want more than just power in the world. We want sexual power, freedom and pleasure. It is our birthright and the domain of the Sacred Feminine, the Goddess, the Universal Energy that is re-emerging.

We both come from political perspectives that know women are now standing on the shoulders of a worn-out patriarchal system that has repressed, denied and demonized women’s sexuality. Male dominated cultures down through the ages have defiled the Divine nature of the archetypes of the sacred sexual priestess and healer and made them into servants of pornography and prostitution. As priestesses we see the need for women to stand in their own spiritual authority, re-claim from the religious elite the right to stand between heaven and earth, and do ritual and ceremony with powerful intention for healing ourselves, our planet and all beings. We know this cannot work if we carry shame, abuse and blockage in our sexual centers because our sexuality is the source of our spiritual power.

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Priestess Dreams By Mona Reeves

Posted on Wednesday 8 March 2006

Just the thought of working with women in a sacred way and helping them live their potential made my heart sing. The second I was offered a chance to apprentice a priestess circle, (someone invited me from my original circle called The Rainbow Rays), I wanted to accept. The thought of helping to create space for women to aspire their dreams, a place to hold their true voice was honoring for me, and I knew the time would come but not quite yet!!!.
Then it came! I now have the privilege of apprenticing the Sacred Sisters of the Phoenix Fire, an amazing group of spiritually conscious women that want to change their lives through the Priestess ProcessTM. This process helps women identify and integrate the emotional, psychological, and spiritual issues that sabotage their efforts at creating a life of fulfillment and abundance. It is an initiatory process that consists of seven weekend sessions over the course of one year. The patriarchal cultural model of duality that we live under is crazy if you take it too seriously. That’s because there are worlds beyond rationality and logic that resonate with the relational model of wholeness women carry in our DNA. While we are all spiritual beings, it is especially important for women to connect with and live from their own spiritual authority so women can raise the world consciousness to a higher, life-sustaining level.
What exactly is a priestess? A priestess is a woman who lives her life from her heart and sees everything as sacred. She serves as a bridge between heaven and earth, a walker between the physical world and the spirit world. Her intention is to make the world a better place by being a conduit of Spirit and setting the stage for all people of the planet to return to the heart space of unconditional love. A woman’s job is important because it is the energy of women living from deeply feminine, life-sustaining values that will turn our unbalanced world around.

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What Women Have to Say About the Priestess Process with Anyaa

Posted on Wednesday 8 March 2006

Flower Child

Vessel of Love

Messenger of the Cosmos

Blessing this life

This earth

with healing heart




Reactivating the

power of Goddess


and expanding love


Thank you for serving

So high a calling.

Mona Reeves
Magdalene of the Infinite Light

What Women Have to Say About The Priestess Process (from the most recent to 6 years ago when the process began!)

“The Priestess Process has allowed me to deepen my connection to the Goddess within and become a more fully embodied woman. As I experience the many aspects of the Divine Feminine, I am able to connect more authentically with others in work and play. There is a Great Mystery at work in this Process. Thank you, Anyaa, for bringing this work to Minnesota.”

Deb Irestone
Certified Hypnotherapist
Wife and Mother of 3

“Anyaa McAndrew’s teachings of the Priestess Process and the Magdalene Process speak to the wonder of the feminine within each woman. The processes are spread out over several months which facilitates a commitment and a dedication not found in shorter workshops. Once I engaged in the processes, I become the divine feminine in training at first then embodied my birthright of the divine feminine with dignity, compassion, true self love and sisterhood. I was never one to have many girl friends and was always more comfortable with men. These process have changed my life views in a wonderful way and I have many women in my life now I regard as dear sisters. Anyaa’s teaching and mentoring brought a blessed balance to my life. I recommend these processes to females who want to heal old wounds in a gentle arena, embody their own divine abilities and know without a doubt their importance to their families and loved ones but also to their neighbors, their work arenas and in the Universe. ”

Rev. High Priestess Joana ShinKara Morris,
Crystal Star Magdalene, Spiritual Counselor
& Shamanic Practitioner, KC, MO.

“I encourage any woman who feels incomplete in her body and world to consider this amazingly sweet and powerful journey into herself. Being a healer myself, I have done many processes and on a strictly personal note, this has served me better at this time of my life than any other I have done. I am pleased and elated to call myself a high priestess and welcome all women into this circle of being who we were meant to be.”

Bobbie Martin

“Anyaa, Just wanted to send you a note to let you know how much I enjoyed the Emergence on Sunday. The drumming and communion were wonderful additions. Thank you for the work that you do. The Priestess that emerged were beautiful and powerful and reminded me of what I stepped into when I embarked on this path. You do facilitate powerful change and I wanted to take a moment to honor you and let you know how much I appreciate you and the work you do.”

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The New Seasoned Woman: A review of Gail Sheehy’s new book

Posted on Tuesday 7 March 2006

Assured, alluring and resourceful, she’s open to sex, love, new dreams and spirituality.

Published: January 8, 2006

In her books about adult development, including her landmark “Passages,” Contributing Editor Gail Sheehy has inspired women and men to think about the possibilities inherent at every stage of life. In her latest book, “Sex and the Seasoned Woman,” published this month by Random House, Sheehy reports on the emergence of a new phenomenon in female growth. Traveling across the country, Sheehy spoke with women from their 40s to their 90s. What she found may change how we think about ourselves–and the women in our lives. Here is an adaptation from the book.

A Seasoned woman is spicy. She has been marinated in life experience. Like a complex wine, she can be alternately sweet, tart, sparkling, mellow. She can be maternal and playful. Assured, alluring and resourceful. She is less likely than a younger woman to have an agenda–no biological clock ticktocking beside her lover’s bed, no campaign to lead him to the altar, no rescue fantasies. The seasoned woman knows who she is. She could be any one of us, as long as she is committed to living fully and passionately in the second half of life. “Sex” and “older women” used to be considered an oxymoron, rarely mentioned in the same breath. It was assumed that a woman’s sexual pilot light was extinguished by menopause, and she was content to slip into the desexualized role of on-call grandma and caretaker for whatever members of the family got old and sick first or whined the loudest. Do people really think we all trade the delights of touching and being touched for some hobby utilizing yarn? What makes a woman seasoned? Time. This year, the oldest Boomer-generation women turn 60; the youngest are 41. This is a new universe of passionate, liberated women–married and single–who are unwilling to settle for the stereotypical roles of middle age and are now realizing they don’t have to. They are open to sex, love, dating, new dreams, exploring spirituality and revitalizing their marriages as never before. They are rediscovering who they are, or who they set out to be before they became wrapped up in the roles of their First Adulthood, when their primary focus was on nurturing children, husbands or careers–or all three. Now millions of them are bursting out into a whole new territory: a Second Adulthood.

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